Vision API

API Service that Recognizes and Analyzes Information from Images

Vision API uses the AI image analysis solution of Samsung SDS to analyze and
extract various information from images. With Face Recognition API among
the first to be launched, more APIs are to be provided in the future. Face Recognition API utilizes face recognition technology to detect the location of human faces in images and information on face coordinates and facial features. Similarity measure between two images is also supported.




Service Architecture

  • User → Apply for service & Issue OpenAPI key → Vision API
  • AI Utilization System/ML Development Environment → API call/response using a previously-issued key → Vision API
Vision API
  • SCP Console: Manage Authentication Key, Apply for Service, Check Usage, View Usage, Object Storage
  • Vision API Management: API Endpoint, Monitoring/Metering
  • Vision API Engine: Face Detection, Face Comparison

Key Features

  • Supported API

    - Face Recognition API

  • Supported features

    - Face detection : Extract face coordinates and location of eyes, nose and lips
    - Face comparison : Determine facial similarity by comparing the extracted information 1:1 or 1:N

  • Limitation

    - Image format : JPEG, PNG
    - Minimum image size : 80x80 pixel
    - Maximum image size : 4,096x4,096 pixel
    - Maximum capacity
      · Base64 image : 5MB
      · Image stored on Object Stage : 15MB
    - Maximum number of faces detected : 100

  • View API call status

    - View call status by API and by day/week/month
    - View the number of calls by API (All/success/error)
    - View response time for successful API


    • Billing
    • Unit price applied based on the number of calls by API
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