DevOps Service

Rapid and Secure Provision of Integrated SW Development/Deployment/Operation Environments

DevOps Service provides standardized development tools for application and system development/deployment/operations as well as code framework-oriented development templates and integrated management in the Samsung Cloud Platform environment. The service enables rapid and stable software development/deployment/operations as well as convenient integrated management via DevOps Console.




Service Architecture

DevOps Service
  • DevOps Console
  • Dev. Starter F/W, Sample Code, Build/Deploy Templates
    • SpringBoot
    • Node.js
    • Phython
    • ...
  • Source Code Repository
  • Artifact Repository
  • Code Quality
  • Helm Chart Repository
  • Image Repository
  • Build/Deploy Pipeline
    • Code Build → Code Inspection → Image Build → Deploy
    • Deploy → VM , VM (VM Server Group)
    • Deploy → Production (Kubernetes Engine)
    • Deploy → Staging (Kubernetes Engine)
    • Deploy → Development (Kubernetes Engine)
VM Server Group
Kubernetes Engine
DevOps Console - Integrated Authentication - Cluster Mgmt. - Kubernetes Engine

Key Features

  • Tenant/project management

    - Manage tenant members and create projects/project groups within tenant
    - Support the deployment of Kubernetes cluster and DevOps Tool
    - Support pipeline configuration and execution

  • Release management

    - Provide workflow management and execution service

  • A dashboard view

    - Check project information, pipeline configuration information and deployment status

  • App. template management

    - Provide key development templates in system template
    - Allow users to register and manage their own templates by tenant/project


    • Billing
    • DevOps Console : Free for first 5 users within one project (tenant); monthly rates per additional user
    • Release Management : 1 activated workflow provided for free; then usage per activated workflow
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