GitHub Enterprise

Git-based SW Development and Cooperation Platform

GitHub Enterprise is a platform service that makes SW building and sharing easy and effective for developers. Integrated platform for continuous sharing and development
of source code, non-linear workflow for collaboration, and monitoring and auditing functions for administrators facilitate effective SW development and collaboration.




Service Architecture

Developer/Administrator → Samsung Cloud Platform GitHub Enterprise → Basic configuration (Block Storage, VPC, Security Group), Select when needed(DNS, Load Balancer, DevOps Service) * Samsung Cloud Platform GitHub Enterprise : GitHub Enterprise + Virtual Server

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use development environment

    - Automate development environment through integration with DevOps Service
    - Support various languages : Java, JavaScript, .NET, Python, Ruby
    - Provide web-based GUI

  • Strong collaboration tool

    - Provide Wiki and job tools for collaboration
    - Use custom workflow in another repository
    - Use the workflow generated by other user in private repository

  • Enhanced security feature

    - Provide access control for security
    - Provide code scanning and secret scanning

  • Workflow visualization

    - Provide visual workflow graph
    - Checking progress and identifying problems are easy


    • Billing
    • GitHub Enterprise license is on a BYOL(Bring Your Own License) basis
    • VM charged based on the pricing standards
    • Provide 100GB OS disk for free. Pricing for Block Storage applies for additional volume
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