Global logistics service platform

Samsung SDS provides advanced logistics services on Cello, our integrated logistics platform

Cello covers all areas of logistics, including international transport, customs clearance, inland transport, warehousing, last-mile delivery (LMD), reverse logistics, etc. It also helps manage master data, contracts, invoicing, and others that are commonly required in logistics. On Cello, you can track the status of your shipments in real time while also having access to every function you need for global logistics, such as operation progress and indicators.

  • Cello : Integrated logistics platform that is the basis of Samsung SDS' global logistics services
  • Cello Square : One-stop digital forwarding services for global freight forwarding
  • Cello Trust : Blockchain-based platform for supply chain traceability
  • Cello Digital Services : IT-based logistics service package specialized for each logistics area

Orchestrate Your Logistics with Cello

Virtuous cycle system
  1. Logistics Operation
  2. Customer needs & Industry trends
  3. Innovation & R&D
  4. Function improvement & Application of the latest technology
  5. Cello
  6. Improved Operating environment
Cello A Single Platform
  • International transport
  • Clearance
  • Local transport
  • Warehouse Operation
  • LMD
  • Reverse logistics


  • Cello is the core philosophy behind the innovative logistics services Samsung SDS offers based on its technology capability




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