Secret Vault

Issue Token-based Temporary Key and Manage Lifecycle

Secret Vault removes the need for hard coding text-based security information when accessing Samsung Cloud Platform with Open API. A token-based temporary key is generated to provide access to SCP services and resources. In addition, managing the lifecycle of temporary keys helps create a robust security environment when utilizing API.




Service Architecture

    Secret Vault
  • Token Management: Issue token, View token, Encrypt access key
  • Temporary key Management: Issue temporary key, Managing lifecycle of temporary key, Delete temporary key
  • IP-based access control
  • Job history management
  • Virtual Server
  • Storage
User (Developer) → Request products → Secret Vault → Issue tokens and temporary keys → User (Developer) → Configure token → APP → Use resources → VPC

Key Features

  • Adding token-based authentication and storing encrypted access key

    - issue tokens using an access key and support a feature that issues a temporary key with tokens
    - Store securely by encrypting access key information (AES-256)

  • Managing lifecycle of temporary keys

    - Support automatic rotation and issuance of temporary key based on its lifecycle
    - Sets the rotation cycle in hours (up to 36 hours)
    - Immediately rotate temporary key (Manually)

  • Access Control

    - Enable IP-based access control of resources where user applications are running
    - Control single IP and variable CIDR (Classless Inter-domain Routing) of container environment


    • Billing
    • Number of secrets issued
    • Number of API calls made for temporary key issuance
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