Text API

API Service that Understands and Analyzes the Meaning of Sentences/Texts

Text API is a type of API that helps with the understanding and analysis of sentences and texts based on a pre-trained language model. Users can extract useful information using the API provided by Text API, and this information can be utilized for new applications or applications in use.




Service Architecture

  • User → Apply for service & Issue OpenAPI key → Text API
  • AI Utilization System/ML Development Environment → API call/response using a previously-issued key → Text API
Text API
  • SCP Console: Manage Authentication Key, Apply for Service, Demo, View Usage
  • Text API Management: API Endpoint, Monitoring/Metering
  • Text API Engine: Sentence Summary, Semantic Textual Similarity

Key Features

  • Supported API

    - Summary API, Semantic Textual Similarity API

  • Provide demo

    - Text API functional/performance testing through demo

  • Limitations

    - Sentence summary : Summarize sentences (200 to 1,000 characters)
    - Semantic textual similarity : Compare sentences (20 to 1,000 characters)

  • View API call status

    - View call status by API and by day/week/month
    - View the number of calls by API (All/success/error)
    - View response time for successful API


    • Billing
    • Unit price of tiered pricing applied based on the number of each API call.
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