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    Achieving digital transformation goes beyond simply adopting a new technology. Drawing on an accurate DT level diagnosis, it is critical to set up the best transformation strategy and embrace innovation across the organization.

    Feel free to experience DT services having Samsung SDS's digital technology and know-how.

  • Build a Successful Data-Driven Business with Data & Analytics (D&A) Assessment Service.

    We provide tailored measures to improve digital transformation through corporate data collection, data management, and analysis on business functions.

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  • If you can see the dashboard but cannot run the services, please check your browser’s pop-up settings to unblock.

    [ How to block pop-ups in Chrome]
    1. Open Chrome browser.
    2. Go to the page where pop-ups are blocked.
    3. Click Pop-ups Blocked on the address bar.
    4. Click the link of the pop-ups you want to display.
    5. If you want the browser to always allow displaying pop-ups, go to the [Site settings] and select “Sites can send pop-ups and redirects”.

    [ How to block pop-ups in Microsoft Edge]
    1. Go to [...] settings on the top of the browser in Edge.
    2. Select Settings > Cookies and site permissions.
    3. Select Allow pop-ups and redirects on All permissions.
    4. Turn on the Block toggle.

  • Yes. You can apply again. However, Brity RPA, Brity Mail, Brity Messenger, Brity Meeting, and Brity Assistant are only available for free trial once.

  • Since they are offered for free, we do not provide a separate suspension process. Free trials will expire automatically after the agreed trial period.

  • If you apply for purchase via Purchase button from each dashboard solution, we will individually contact you for making contract. Once everything is fully set up and ready after making the contract offline, you will be able to access and use the services via My Trial.

  • After making contract offline, it takes up to one to two days to prepare for each service. When applying for a purchase, please provide the desired start date of the service.

  • Send Inquiry will get you a discount policy and other purchase-related answers before you apply for purchase. You will apply for paid service contract, where SDS sales manager will contact you for contract.

  • If you have not received an account confirmation or authentication email, please do the following actions:
    - Check the spam mailbox or spam blocking settings.
    - Check if your mailbox has enough space
    - Check your email address again
    If it does not correspond to the above or you have not received an email even if you check it, please go to [Send Inquiry].

  • You can experience it again if you re-apply.
    However, you cannot apply Brity RPA, Brity Mail, Brity Messenger Meeting, and Brity Assistant again.

  • You can modify it in your personal information settings.

  • After creating an account, you can apply for and modify newsletter subscriptions on the dashboard.

  • Since it is a free trial, we do not provide a separate application for stopping the free trial.
    You can reapply and use it after the provision period.
    However, you cannot apply Brity RPA, Brity Mail, Brity Messenger, Meeting, and Brity Assistant again.

  • My Trial service is provided in Korean and English.
    However, some services are provided in Korean only.

  • My Trial is a cloud-based service that provides a form that does not require a separate customer installation.
    Some Brity Works services provide programs installed in the cloud to be downloaded and used.

  • In the case of Brightics Machine Learning and Brity RPA/Assistant, actual data can be used.

  • The SaaS version provided by My Trial provides the latest version of Brightics ML for free.
    The Studio provided by the service website is a PC version for ProDS comparison or simple data analysis.

  • As of the first half of 2022, the latest version is 3.9

  • Brightics AI is released and operated in major and minor versions.
    Generally, a new version of Brightics AI is launched at the end of the year,
    and there can be intermediate releases as needed before the official release.
    Release notes are available in the Brightics AI portal (Documentation).
    - Major: Changes in technology and architecture
    - Minor: Notable feature changes/additions
    - Patch: Mid-year release for improved features
    - Hot fix: Bug fixes
    When a new version is released, the policy of the end of technical support (EoTS) for previous version will be updated and users are notified as follows:

  • For the effective understanding of customers, we provide the most efficient service via AI as a demonstration.
    If you are curious about other applications to the customer company, please contact us about your purchase application.
    The person in charge will contact you.

  • Virtual object emulators allow you to test things directly between platforms.
    It is built into the service portal and can be used immediately based on the web.

  • It is available if the user downloads and installs the SDK and makes additional settings.

  • It can process 1,000 EPS per Core and there is no limit on the number of users.

  • You can get more details on the pricing plans, including our pricing policy from our sales team. Send an inquiry and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Yes, you can.
    You can have Nexledger Universal in MS Azure and Oracle now, and we will expand the scope continuously.
    Also, enjoy our first 6-month free trial license when applying for a public cloud marketplace (Separate fees will be charged for public cloud infrastructure)

    ※ Shortcut URL
    - MS Azure:
    - Oracle:

  • Nexledger Universal offer a variety of blockchain cores (Nexledger N/H/E) by integrating public blockchain technologies widely used in the market and NCA (Nexledger Consensus Algorithm) developed by Samsung SDS. Enterprises can choose what caters most to their needs and helps to configure an optimal system while flexibly changing the type of blockchain core any time.

    Nexledger N
    1) Consensus Algorithm: Nexledger Consensus Algorithm (NCA)
    2) Main features:
    - A consensus algorithm by Samsung SDS, which integrates strengths of diverse blockchain open sources
    - Effective for value trade system (i.e., point-based payment) while providing high scalability

    Nexledger H
    1) Consensus Algorithm: Crash Fault Tolerance (CFT)
    2) Main features:
    - Blockchain core technology based on Hyperledger Fabric
    - Perfect for business logic configuration among predefined participants

    Nexledger E
    1) Consensus Algorithm: Proof of Authority (PoA)
    2) Main features:
    - An Ethereum-based blockchain core technology
    - Perfect for services that require smart contract

  • Tutorial is designed to improve users' understanding about Testnet. So the URLs for Tutorial and Testnet are different. Therefore, HTTP request done in Tutorial will be sent to the tutorial-dedicated WAS, not Testnet.

  • ""Connector"" in Request Header is a field to designate a particular core blockchain among three types of blockchain cores provided by Nexledger Universal. You can simply put one of the following examples depending on the type of core block chain:
    - Nexledger N (NCA) → nca
    - Nexledger H (Hyperledger Fabric) → hlf
    - Nexledger E (Ethereum) → eth"

  • As for Nexledger Universal e-signature, any language (Golang, Javascript, and Java) can be used, regardless of the type of blockchain core. API guide only gives an example of using different programming language for different blockchain core.

  • For the free trial, you can only use the domain provided by Brity Mail. If you need to use an existing domain, fill out the detailed inquiry below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • When you purchase Brity Mail, Messenger, and Meeting, all the data in free trial will be deleted. In case you need to preserve such data, please make backup files.

  • Brity Messenger and Meeting services you will receive along with the Brity Mail service cannot be accessed after 60 days, because your user ID will have expired. To use the Messenger or Meeting service after the 60-day trial period, you must sign up individually.

  • No. The company administrator may sign up for the service on the behalf of other users. After signing up for the service, the administrator can invite other users who will use the service. Users can agree to the terms and conditions of service via the link in the invitation mail or the invitation message and set up a password to log in to the service.

  • Yes, we do offer an on-premise Orchestrator. Please contact us by sending an inquiry.

  • The license key for a free trial applied in My Trial will be sent to your email. Please use it after checking the email.

  • A trial license cannot be reused under My Trial policy.
    In the following cases, an error occurs when requesting client activation.

    First, if there is an activation history in another PC or VM with the license,
    Second, if there is a history of activating another trial license on the PC or VM

    If you want additional free trial, please use a PC or VM that has no history of issuing or activating a new license using another account.

  • The bot/designer license that has been activated in the past must be reactivated by executing the license deactivation function of the designer/bot before changes, such as changing the equipment or deleting/reinstalling the software.

  • For additional technical data and inquiries about Brity RPA, please refer to the manual, technical data, and lecture materials at, and use the Forum bulletin board of Portal for Q&A.
    * Please contact us via customer support at the top of My Trial for inquiries/support requests that occur during your free trial.

  • Yes, Brity Assistant is also available On-Premise. Please contact us through purchase inquiry.

  • Conversation testing is possible via simulator while making bots. Various channels, such as webchat and Messenger, are supported during service operation. Refer to the user manual for how to connect channels.

  • A new tenant is created for a paid subscription, and existing work history is maintained in the free trial tenant. You can back up and transfer your work via the bot download/upload function. Refer to the user manual for how to download/upload the bot.

  • DT Diagnostics provides free services only in Korean.

  • All scripts have been proven for safety for many years through numerous tests by SDS. When detecting errors in scripts, please contact the customer service for more details.

  • A forged script check is the process of verifying scripts that are actually distributed by SDS. Please verify the checksum first and if the accounts do not match, it is assumed that the scripts are either forged or a different version. Go to the website and download the latest version. If you download scripts every time, you do not need to worry about forged scripts.

  • For security reasons, all data collected and gathered will be deleted after assessment. But the assessment results are encrypted and stored safely in a database.

  • There are four fields that are diagnosed for free: Servers, database, network, and virtual machines
    and 16 elements will be diagnosed.
    Server OS: Windows, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, Linux
    Database, Network, Virtual machine: SQL Server, Oracle, HANA, PostgreSQL, Tibero, MySQL (MariaDB), DB2, CISCO (iOS), CISCO(NX-OS), HP (Comware), and VMware

    You can use infra configuration assessment and security assessment for free. Please go to Service introduction and you can check the diagnosis resources and the details of that version.

  • Test scores represent the rate of the passed items compared to all tested items of tested objects. We chose to display it with the rate because each test category has a different number of tested items. If your average test scores are above the recommended scores, it is relatively “good”. However, this doesn’t mean all your weaknesses are removed. Therefore, please check the test results' weak items and take appropriate action.

  • After logging into the IT Infrastructure Assessment homepage, please go to Service introduction, and you can check the assessment resources and the details of that version.

  • 1) Data uploads can fail if the scripts are not kept up to date. Please download the latest scripts from the homepage.
    2) Uploads can also fail because of your proxy server. Please check this with your company security manager for uploading limitations.(ex.: Limited file uploading capacity 2 MB)

  • Nexplant 3D eXcellence is not a solution for drawing. It is a platform to increase productivity in various fields with various content by using the generated CAD data.

  • 'Email Bot' is a screen experience function. Sending mail is not included.

  • All voice or text data uttered during the experience are not stored.

  • and Cloud Platform are separate services. Please use account for each service.

  • Please contact our service desk (1661-3311) and we will inform you through our sales representative.

  • Projects and resources created by a free trial account are deleted after the trial period. Please contact our sales representative or service desk (1661-3311) to create a new account under a new contract to have access to the entire service.

  • 1. Click Find My ID/Password at the bottom of the login page.
    2. To find your password, select the country code, enter your mobile number or email address and click the Verify button.
    3. Enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone or email and click Confirm.

  • You can change your information, including your photo, password, and preferred language.
    1. After logging in to the Samsung Cloud platform console, hover the mouse cursor over the user photo on top menu bar and click [Account Information] to redirect to the account setting page.
    2. Click Edit at the bottom to open a pop-up window for entering password.
    3. Change your first/last name, company, division, password, access control IP, preferred language, or time zone information.

  • You can withdraw your membership from the Samsung Cloud Platform console. All the previously collected data and access to projects will be lost. Even when you join again, past data and access will not be restored.

    To withdraw your membership, please follow the steps below.
    1. Click (User icon) > Account information on the top console menu.
    2. Click Edit, enter your password, and the Withdraw membership button will be displayed in the bottom-left corner.
    ※ For account users (or the sole user of an account), click [? > 1:1 Inquiry]. You can withdraw membership only after transferring the account user role or deleting the account.
    ※ For sole members of the admin group (or the sole member of a project), you can withdraw membership either by clicking [? > 1:1 Inquiry] or designating an admin member for project member management.

  • Please check your spam folder. You can also receive the OTP on your mobile phone if you select mobile verification.

  • The two-factor sign-in verification is a dual security service that allows a login with an additional verification step (with a verification code or a one-time password) after entering the ID and password. After entering your ID and password, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your email address or mobile phone.

  • You can change your information, including your photo, password, and preferred language.
    1. After logging in to the console, hover the mouse cursor over the user photo on top menu bar and click [Account Information] to redirect to the account setting page.
    2. Click Edit at the bottom to open a pop-up window for entering your password.
    3. Change your first/ last name, company, password, access control IP, preferred language, or time zone information.

  • If the membership sign-up process is not complete, all the information entered during the process will be deleted immediately.

  • To use the console, you need to sign up first.
    1. On the login page, click [Sign Up].
    2. Agree to the Terms of Agreement on the Sign Up page.
    3. Select Yes if you are a Knox user (internal account user of Samsung affiliates).
    4. Enter your email address in the ID (email) field to check for duplicates. If you are a Knox user, validate your email address.
    5. Enter your first and last name, company, and division information. The information will be automatically imported from the system for Knox users.
    6. Passwords must be a combination of alphanumeric characters and symbols (!@#$%&*^) using 8-20 characters.
    7. Select the language you want to use on the console.
    8. Select two-factor authentication. Even if you choose not to use it, you will still need the two-factor authentication via SMS or email to log in.
    9. Set your access control IP. Please be aware that if you select Yes and register an IP address, only the registered IP will be granted access.
    10. Click Confirm to complete the sign-up process.

  • Credit card payment is not available at the moment. We are planning to add it in the future.

  • Discounts vary by offerings. For instance, storage offerings (Block, File, Object, and Backup) have a pricing standard according to the monthly assignment (or usage), which means the more the usage, the lower the rate per gigabyte. Please refer to the pricing standards of each offering for more details.

  • The pricing calculator on the Samsung SDS Cloud service portal offers estimated rates.

  • You can check your bill in [Management > Integrated Usage Management] within the Samsung SDS Cloud console. Usage history provides daily rates (estimated amount) and the billing history is available after the previous month's rates have been confirmed at the beginning of each month. Actual billing may differ from the estimated amount shown in the usage history.

  • Block Storage and File Storage services charge for the assigned storage (GB) of the month, while Object Storage and Backup charge for the used amount (GB) of the month. Please refer to the pricing standards of each offering for more details.

  • If you are using the service without a contract, cancellation is available at any time without a penalty fee. If under a contract, the 50% of the total service fee for the remaining contract period (in months) will be charged as a penalty fee. The penalty will be billed at a pro rata rate for usage as of the cancellation date on the billing date of the following month of the cancellation.

  • Contracted options offer monthly rates regardless of the usage of the offering. Upon termination of the contract, the service automatically switches to the non-contract rates as of the time of termination. Contracted options are available only for certain offerings, including Compute.

  • You can choose to use the service under a 1-year/3-year contract or no contract. Your contract option and the applied OS will determine your rates. If you choose the service without a contract, you will be charged by the hour of usage and no additional server fee will be charged while servers are off. The resources that maintain the service including storage connected to the server will charge the fee normally.

  • Samsung SDS services are currently metered based on Korea Time Zone (UTC+9).

  • Rate calculation varies by offering. Some offerings charge the same amount for the contract period, while others charge by the hour, usage, or number of cases. Discounts may be applied according to the assigned amount (used amount) for some offerings. All rates stated on the pricing option exclude VAT. Please refer to the billing standard of each offering beforehand.

  • and Cello Square are separate services. Please use your respective account for each service.

  • Cello Square is a logistics service for businesses and can be used by both corporations and private operators. General individual members cannot use it. In addition, the scope of service use may be limited by credit rating.

  • You can find the shipping costs through spot quotation and quotation inquiry services if you enter the business registration number and the minimum required information when signing up on Cello Square. To request shipment, please submit your business registration certificate and power of attorney. Please note Cello Square does not charge additional fees except shipping costs.

  • Currently, we offer ocean, air, and express delivery services departing from Korea to Korean businesses. Please go to spot quotation products for more information about quotations and routes.

  • Cello Square is not a simple matching platform. It signs a contract with the shipper directly and is committed to the logistics. You can perform all tasks via Cello Square, such as executing logistics after quotation, real-time status updates, resolution of problems, and logistics cost settlement. In case of a dispute, the person in charge of Cello Square will solve it together.

  • Cello Square does not charge system usage fee for the logistics customers. All costs outside the shipping charges are free.

  • Samsung SDS Cello is a corporate logistics operating system with various functions such as Forwarding Information System (FIS), Transportation Management System (TMS), and Warehouse Management System (WMS) suitable for large companies and customers. Cello Square is a platform where smaller business operators can use international air, ocean, and express transport services easily and conveniently.

  • Cross border shipping for major countries departing from Korea is now available. Serviced routes vary depending on shipping modes. Therefore, please find the available port through the spot quotation service. Please contact us through quotation inquiry if you can’t find your desired destination on our service route. We will respond within 48 hours (business day).

  • You can quickly check the quotes for the international shipping routes, shipment reservation, real-time status, and logistics history management via the system. You can experience high-quality logistics service with out dedicated operator directly responding. In addition, we provide reasonable logistics costs. Sign up for Cello Square now and enjoy all the benefits.

  • NAVY is a term that refers to a dedicated operator for customers. If you have a full membership, our dedicated operator NAVY will support your overall logistics needs.

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