So long, passwords

The next step in mobile security is Nexsign. Unlike a password, which can be easily forgotten or duplicated, Nexsign verifies your identity with biometric information using your fingerprint, face, and voice. The result? An authentication experience that’s simpler, faster, and even more secure.


What can Nexsign do for you and your business?

  • Strengthens security

    Nexsign stores biometric identifiers as separate keys in different locations, one on a server and another on your device to make it significantly more secure.

  • Reduces costs

    Managing and resetting passwords adds up. Biometric information reduces these costs, saving your organization time and money.

  • Simplifies authentication

    Employees and customers no longer have to remember long, complicated passwords. Accessing data is as simple as scanning a fingerprint, seeing your face or listening to your voice.

  • Streamlines setup

    Simple and minimal integration, and you’re ready to go.

"Samsung SDS Nexsign brought both simpler customer journey and higher security level through the biometric authentication."

- Nick Telford-Reed, Worldpay

See how Nexsign works in the real world

Three people. Three mobile banking situations made more secure with Nexsign.

Discover how Nexsign makes authentication easy

Watch how simple and secure it is to use Nexsign.

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  • Cross-platform

    Works with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

  • Client/server compatibility

    Enables communication between the two locations where biometric data is stored, keeping your information safer.

  • PKI compliant

    Adheres to Public Key Infrastructure policies, strengthening identity protection.

  • TEE access

    Stores data in the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), the most secure area of a device’s main processor.


  • Operating System
    Red HatTM Enterprise LinuxTM / AIXTM / HP-UXTM / Solaris / Windows®
  • Web Server
    Nginx® / Apache®
  • Java Application Server
    Apache Tomcat
  • Database
    Oracle / MySQL / RDS
  • FIDO Protocols
    UAF FIDO V1.0 Certified
  • Algorithms
    TLS 1.2 / SHA-26 / ECDSA-256 with P256 curve (SECP256R1) / RSA


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    Quick authentication made personal and more secure



    See how Nexsign works in the real world


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