AI Contact Center Solution

Samsung AI Contact Center Solutions (AICC) provides beyond basic efficiency using an advanced AI engine. AICC's cutting-edge capabilities bring automated customer assistance, real-time advice for agents, and in-depth analytics, transforming customer interactions. 

Samsung AI Contact Center

Enhance your e2e customer experience with automation and let AI resolve repetitive conversations, letting your staff focus on helping the customer with complex inquiries that require creativity, empathy, and problem solving. AI Contact Center’s bots allow customers to have natural conversations by listening and speaking like a human, so your customers can too – no more keywords or long menus. On agent-led calls, AICC assists them by automatically bringing up relevant information in real time and guiding them step-by-step through service interactions. Bots track all agent interactions, and create powerful in-depth analytics for oversight.

Major Services

  • “Make end-to-end customer service easier for yourself and your clients with AI Contact Center”




  • Keep track of your agents

    Contact Center keeps track of quantitative data on every customer interaction, from tracking positive and negative sentiment to the monitoring of your agents’ language for forbidden words.

  • Keep record of customer service interactions

    Log and record all conversations, for all your interaction channels. Automatically extract business-related information and track data that you determine suits your business goals.

  • Create clean visual reports

    Use AI Contact Center to create reports for a range of business objectives. Quantitatively demonstrate your agents’ conversation dynamics, track order cancellations, and develop word clouds that show customer patterns.

  • Get up and running quickly with AI Contact Center’s easy deployment

    A low code, no code system helps your team hit the ground running. Use pre-built modules and intuitive design to give your department quick wins.

  • Keep channel agnostic

    AI Contact Center is channel agnostic and can work on whatever you use to keep in touch with your clients. Use advanced AI capabilities on both digital and over the phone channels.

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