R&D Cloud

Cloud service specialized for R&D for product/service development

Optimized cloud-based environments for R&D workload

Research and development work is becoming increasingly more important to secure business competitiveness. Recent business R&D environment trends include more collaboration among researchers and developers from various teams, higher security for research materials and efficient R&D resource usage. Samsung SDS presents optimized cloud infrastructure and development environments to help customers focus on the crucial task of R&D.

Major Services

Innovation in R&D environments with faster pace and optimized resources

  • Lead time in product design 50% reduced
  • Graphic work pace & productivity 4-5 times enhanced
  • Product design analysis 42% faster





  • Easy-to-use virtual development environments

    A single integrated R&D cloud portal offers integrated resource management and monitoring services as well as support for design work such as CAD/CAE using virtual environment access while enabling easy access in/outside of office.

  • Various R&D work environments

    R&D Cloud provides virtual workstations for high performance graphic work, HPC resources for large-scale computation and analysis, ML/DL for analysis/learning on R&D data using GPU resources and integrated development environments for developers.

  • Flexible SW licensing and integrated technical support/operation

    Various SW for CAD/CAE, such as Siemens and Mentor, are accessible on a single R&D platform. The inefficiency in R&D settings is also improved by integrated SW licensing management and remote tech support, considering business continuity and productivity.

  • R&D asset leakage & hacking prevention with strong security

    The security control service optimized for R&D environments blocks external hacking and prevents leakage of design/development output when working with customers/partners by storing all data in the integrated storage.


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Use Cases

SDS R&D Cloud specialized for various workloads from parts to manufacturing

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