Management & Optimization

Integrated resource/cost management platform for hybrid/multi cloud environments

Integrated functions for optimized cloud operation

Enterprise customers have difficulties in complex management for various clouds, surging resources/costs, lacking cloud specialized technologies and more. Samsung SDS offers integrated support for comprehensive functions from cost management to security and technical support with management/operation platforms of IMP (Intelligent Monitoring Platform), GOV (Global One View) and IOPS (Intelligent Operation Support System).

Major Services

  • Efficient cloud operation with platforms offering AI-enabled failure detection and automated resource lifecycle management




  • Pre-detection of service anomalies and cause analysis

    Previous pattern and correlation analysis help pre-detect failure risk to prevent potential failure. In the case of failure or anomaly, multidimensional time-series analysis and correlation analysis among monitoring areas are conducted to rapidly identify the root cause of failure.

  • Reliable service for resource & cost optimization of hybrid/multi clouds

    With years of experience in managed services and capabilities in large-scale resource operation, Samsung SDS promises reliable services with speed and consistency. Integrated management environments are ensured with GOV, from 24/7 support to robust security and global tech support.

  • Automation-based configuration management and efficient availability management

    The lifecycle of resources is efficiently managed from adoption to disposal while automated configuration collection increases consistency. Real-time monitoring on the performance and usage of resources help maximize resource availability management and minimize waste.




Use Cases

SDS Cloud Management & Optimization


    Strategic partnership with global cloud service providers ensures optimized multi cloud-based services.

    • Alibaba Cloud

    • AWS

    • Microsoft Azure

    • Google Cloud

    • ORACLE Cloud

    • Tencent Cloud

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