DT Consulting

Lead the company's innovation and growth based on insights into business characteristics and experience by using the latest IT technologies

We support digital optimization promotion and new business creation for customers

Based on an understanding of the business environment of each industry, including electronics, manufacturing, services, and the latest digital transformation trends, we provide services, such as establishing a digital strategy suitable for customer needs, designing optimal intelligence/unmanned/automation processes, and building a customized digital platform based on new technologies.

Major Services

  • DT Strategy Consulting
    - To establish a DT strategy, it is necessary to diagnose the current level and establish a clear goal.
    - We diagnose digital readiness and maturity from a customer/strategy/operation/technology/organization perspective using inherent DT diagnostic tools, such as Enterprise DTA (DT Assessment), Biz/Tech/Culture DTA (DT Assessment).
    - After establishing a DT strategy, we customize the strategy through a level recheck so that the goals can be reached.
  • Process Consulting

    Process Consulting
    - We pursue innovative process re-engineering that can achieve the best efficiency through the implementation of intelligence/automation/unmanned business processes applied with the latest IT technologies, such as AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and Data Analytics.
    - We implement a seamless value chain by designing a process in which people, robots, and new technologies work together organically, and support DT strategies, processes, and new IT technologies to be internalized in corporate culture through change management.
  • Solution Consulting
    - Considering the customer's strategy and system status, we propose the optimal SaaS solution combination in the form of best of breed, and support customers to make the best choice through PoC.
    - We design the system architecture in the form of a platform so that it can flexibly respond to new, evolving technologies and services, and the entire company has a cloud-based integrated data utilization system.

Use Cases


    Find DT Master Plan Out Right Now


    It is necessary to establish a DT master plan based on accurate diagnosis

    • Using an online diagnosis tool, we measure the level of digital transformation of customer strategy/process/IT, and present the future shape and execution roadmap to be aimed for as a digital company.




    Learning More about the DT Master Plan Procedure

    The diagnosis, which is the core of the DT master plan establishment, is conducted based on two types of diagnosis tools (Enterprise DTA, Biz/Tech/Culture DTA) classified according to the evaluation purpose, and each diagnosis tool consists of detailed queries that can quantitatively evaluate the level of digital competency in various areas. The level of these queries is evaluated through online surveys, in-depth interviews, and due diligence of employees.
    Finally, if insufficient competencies are identified through analysis of the diagnosis results, tasks to reinforce/secure them are defined, and then an action plan for this is established.

    * Try clicking on each module.

    Assessment (Digital level diagnosis)
    External environment analysis (Trend, market, competitors, etc.)
    Basic status analysis (Business performance, informatization, organization structure, etc.)
    Enterprise DTA (Corporate-level diagnosis)
    Biz/Tech/Culture DTA (Specialized diagnosis by industry/technoligy)
    Analysis and organization of diagnosis results : Scoring (Enterprise DTA, Biz/Tech/Culture DTA), Comparison with advanced companies, Issue derivation/cause analysis
    Plan (Setting goals/Deriving tasks)
    To-be modeling : Reference review (Benchmarking and best practices, DT technology/platform), Vision, Task definition
    Establishing an action plan : Task priority, Promotion roadmap
    Enterprise DTA (DT Assessment)
    Enterprise-wide area definition
    Five areas : Customer Understandings, Strategy & Leadership, Technology & Infrastructure, Operations, People/Org/Culture
    26 items
    • Customer Understandings : Customer Value, Customer Data Analytics, Digital Marketing
    • Strategy & Leadership : DT Strategy, DT Investment, DT Governance, DT Insight
    • Technology & Infrastructure : Digital Applications, Digital Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Cloud, Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Cyber Security
    • Operations : Digital Process, Digital Supply Chain, Digital Delivery Excellence, Digital Resource Mgmt., Digital Workplace, Digital Operations Analytics, Agile Change Mgmt.
    • People/Org/Culture : Digital Collaboration, Digital Culture
    • It is the diagnosis of the company's overall digital capabilities, and conducted in five areas of the DT Framework of Samsung SDS.
      • Customer Understanding
      • Strategy & Leadership
      • Operations
      • Technology & Infra
      • People/Org/Culture
    • It is applied in common to all industries and consists of questions on 5 areas/24 items.
    Biz/Tech/Culture DTA (DT Assessment)

    Specialized diagnosis by industry/technology : (For manufacturing (general) industry → For finance (insurance/bank/card/securities) industry → For Retail (Exhibition hall) industry → For cloud technology)

    Market/Business opportunity analysis, Marketing strategy establishment, Product planning, ...
    Portfolio management, Task management, Technology asset management, ...
    Strategic purchase, Development purchase, Cooperation with partners, ...
    For manufacturing (general) industry
    Supply chain operation plan, Unit price production plan, Manufacturing strategy/indicator management, ...
    Logistics operation plan, Goods receipt transport management , Warehouse management, ...
    Customer management, Demand management, Sales execution, ...
    Service material operation, Service operation management, Customer service quality control, ...
    Management Support
    Prime cost, Finance, HR affairs, ...
    • Diagnosis of digital competency for each business reflecting the characteristics of the industry and diagnoses core processes or role players by industry
      • Manufacturing Industry (general): Development, purchasing, manufacturing, sales, etc.
      • Presenting the current level of digital transformation and direction for improvement by diagnosing the level of each value chain
      • Finance Industry (insurance/bank/card/securities): Channels/sales, customers/marketing, products, etc.
      • Retail Industry (Exhibition Hall): Exhibition hall, visitors, exhibitors, participating companies, etc.
    • Diagnosis of business application/use level of new technology
      • AI, cloud, data analysis, security
    Analysis and organization of diagnosis results
    • Aggregation/definition of evaluation results for each diagnosis item (5-point scale for each inquiry)
    • Level comparison with advanced companies and identification of customer problems
    • Analyzing the cause of issues/problems (derivation of improvement areas related to process/system/data)
    To-be modeling
    • Reference review and technology verification
      • Advanced best practice pool
      • Homogeneous/heterogeneous industry benchmarking
      • Comparison and analysis of digital status of the company compared to the latest DT technology/platform
    • Defining vision/future image as a digital company in the future
    • Defining tasks to achieve the vision
    Establishing an action plan
    Task priority matrix
    Task priority matrix
    1. 1. Re-establishment of standards and processes for design change
    2. 2. Establishment of a technical document management plan through establishment of R&D process
    3. (ellipsis...)
    4. 16. Skill-set definition and education system establishment through the definition of required competencies
    5. 17. Establishment of measures to secure the efficiency of internal audit
    • Precedence and trailing analysis of tasks for defined tasks and definition of priority
    • Establishment of a roadmap by considering the task implementation schedule
    • (If necessary) Deriving a change management plan


    Taking a closer look at the characteristics of the DT Master Plan

    • Quick and accurate diagnosis

      After an online survey consisting of predefined diagnosis items for each industry and technology field, we provide verified diagnosis results through in-depth interviews and due diligence.

    • Providing an optimized roadmap based on industry expertise

      Consultants with industry expertise provide a diagnosis and To-Be Roadmap optimized for customer business/environment by using diagnostic tools/methodologies developed specifically for each industry, such as manufacturing and finance.

    • Derivation of feasible promotion tasks based on DT technology capabilities

      Based on verified domestic and overseas actual application cases and digital technologies/platforms, such as AI and blockchain, that Samsung SDS has secured/verified, we define future appearance and implementation tasks and establish a feasible master plan.

    • Application of experience in corporate management information system

      We provide experience and know-how on linkage/integration with existing ERP, SCM, CRM, etc. as well as new introduction of new digital technologies.

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