Samsung Data Sweeper

Clear application data in a button press – protect sensitive personal and corporate information.

Clear data from shared user devices

Enable employees to clear cached data logs from multi-use and multi-user devices using a simple application. Data Sweeper enables multi-user device use cases without having to perform time-consuming factory resets. Protect the PII and PHI of both your employees and end users by ensuring that no important data is left over from use to use.

Major Services

  • How data sweeper helps enterprises protect information




  • Uninstall applications and clear data

    Remove all third-party applications and data related to them when wiping. Only applications marked as exceptions remain on the device after a wipe.

  • Remove account data from shared devices

    Remove all signed-in accounts from media sources, applications and cookies in seconds – helping to ensure that no leftover PII remains.

  • Save time spent on factory resets

    All user application data can be deleted in seconds with the press of a button. Remove cached data in seconds and reduce your IT team’s workload.


  • Available on the Google Play store

    Data Sweeper is easily downloadable from the Google Play store for quick implementation on any Android device.

  • Compatible with Samsung App Config

    Combine Data Sweeper with Android Enterprise AppConfig to push configuration details with your Android Enterprise management tools.

  • Supported OS programs

    Samsung Android device with OS 8.0 or newer versions equipped with Knox and active internet connection.

  • Configuration

    Functions through importable text files in JSON format.

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