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Xét nghiệm COVID-19 theo thời gian thực cho 12.000 nhân viên

""Brity RPA/Assistant automates the COVID-19 Questionnaire, which enables the company to secure 75% of the answers of the entire employees.""

HR Team, Samsung SDS


Amid COVID-19 situations, it is extremely important to secure health and safety for employees at companies for the continuity of work.

In the course of response, however, it takes a lot of time and manual effort to figure out the status of the employees especially when there are hundreds and thousands of employees. This is a new corporate task caused by COVID-19.

In earlier stages, Samsung SDS has contacted employees by team and at the department level for COVID-19 Questionnaire. However, it was not easy to individually contact 12,000 Employees, which takes a lot of time and effort in the course of collecting questionnaire results manually.
- Taking a lot of time and workforce to collect emergency questionnaire on the weekday
- It is only possible to contact those employees who contacted to the emergency response TF on the weekend.

Therefore, Samsung SDS has introduced Brity RPA/Assistant in order to automate the emergency response questionnaire.
This helps minimize the size of workforce and reduce human error.

Target Task

Send text ‘Weekday urgent MMS’ and ‘Weekend regular MMS’ to employees regarding COVID-19
Provide MS Excel files with the questionnaire results to the emergency TF

Directly send the questionnaire to employees. Results are immediately available
· Once the process to send questionnaire is initiated, employees can check the questionnaire details through the internal messengers. The answers provided by employees through PC/mobile messenger are collected onto DB.
· Once the process to collect the results is initiated, the answers stored on DB will be written in MS Excel files to be sent to the emergency response TF

Immediately send the message to related workforce when there are issues
· In the case that some employees express their issues on the questionnaire, the detail will be informed to the head of the division and HR personnel of the employees who brought up the issues through the internal messenger.

  1. Select employees
    Manual work
  2. Register questionnaire items
    Manual work
  3. Request question
    Call/Email by manager from related department
  4. Proceed with questionnaire
    Call/Email/Messenger w. questionnaire respondents
  5. Collect/Analyze results
    Manual work
  6. Inform/Share results w. manager
    Send email
After automation
  1. Crease a standard quistionnaire template (MS Excel)
  2. Sent work request via RPA
  3. Collect/Analyze questionnaire results through chatbot
  4. Automate reporting/what to share


COVID-19 questionnaire for employees through Brity RPA/Assistant

Time saving
Hours to reduced115 hours weekly(based on once a week)(60min * 1time * 115 team)
Employee convenience improvement
Employee convenience75% response within 10 min / 90% response within 2 hours for emergency questionnaire
Zero human error
Human error preventionEliminate possibilities of human error by collecting data through system


The real-time automatic process with the questionnaire can make early diagnosis on possible confirmed COVID-19 patients and secure preemptive systems with measures/actions.


  • Brity RPA

    Đổi mới năng suất kinh doanh của bạn với giải pháp RPA dựa trên AI, Brity RPA. Các bot được tạo bằng Brity RPA sẽ đảm nhiệm các nhiệm vụ đơn giản, lặp đi lặp lại mà trước đây không hiệu quả để nhân viên có thể tập trung nhiều hơn vào các nhiệm vụ cốt lõi đòi hỏi sự sáng tạo.

  • Brity Assistant

    Brity Assistant là một giải pháp để triển khai chatbot AI. Chatbot AI học kiến thức chuyên ngành, hiểu ngôn ngữ tự nhiên, cung cấp câu trả lời tối ưu cho các câu hỏi, và thực hiện nhiệm vụ theo lệnh của bạn. - Brity Assistant chuyên về quy trình kinh doanh doanh nghiệp để bạn có thể dễ dàng tạo ra lực lượng lao động kỹ thuật số.