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Integrated energy management system based on data analytics

“Since real-time monitoring for energy consumption status is possible, we can easily find out waste factors of every production process & facility and promptly response."

Energy management Part Leader, Global Electronics Manufacturer

This electronics manufacturer pays USD 135 million for year as an energy expense. Also, energy efficiency was an important task to secure competitiveness in manufacturing as their energy cost kept increasing.

The partner thought it is essential to do the activities to analyze the energy consumption status and energy efficiency by process and facility.
However, the partner is producing various products and has a variety of facilities in a large workplace.
That disables the partner to respond to the challenges with limited on-site activities by relevant workforce.

To that end, there was a need for the system to analyze the energy consumption status and energy efficiency real time.
The partner also wanted to conduct sustainable activities for energy reduction by analyzing causes of efficiency change and establishing an immediate response system.

Increase in energy usage : Increase in energy cost every year due to the increase in energy usage and cost Deteriorated work efficiency : Impossible to conduct efficient energy reduction activities due to response focusing on site Impossible to have sustainability for tasks : Difficulty in continuing activities as quantitative assessment of energy reductionactivities is impossible


Energy-related data integration and integrated energy management system for the entire company have been implemented.

[Energy monitoring]
ㆍ Automatically gather for energy usage & operation data, enhance data integrity
ㆍ Visualize real-time energy usage by process and facility
ㆍ Visualize energy intensity by business division, factory and product

[Analyze energy efficiency & cause of fluctuation]
ㆍ Develop models to analyze facilities that consume a lot of excessive energy
ㆍ Draw efficiency variables and optimal values

[Establish management systems for energy estimation]
ㆍ Predict energy consumption based on energy usage data analytics
ㆍ Establish energy reduction plan & activities based on forecast value


SDS Energy Service
Samsung SDS provides services from energy consulting to total services regarding infrastructure and system development depending on business type.

■ Energy consulting: energy diagnosis and analysis of consumption patterns, establishment of optimization measures
■ Measuring infrastructure establishment: establishment infrastructure as well as measures for IoT-based infrastructure to effectively manage energy
■ Integrated data management : Data gathering, cleansing and saving from various IoT equipment/systems
■ Data analysis: Data modeling and predictive simulation for AI-based efficiency analysis
■ Integrated management system implementation: development of control systems for energy plan/performance management, energy efficiency analysis and optimal operation

Integrated energy management system based on data analytics


Partners have secured the ground for energy reduction through energy visualization at workplaces,
which enables them to have reasonable operation of the facilities and systems.

Integrated energy management system based on data analytics



  • Brightics 数据准备

    Brightics DP 是一个支持高效准备分析数据的数据管理平台。利用 Brightics DP,企业用户可以快速收集和利用从内部和外部生成的数据用于分析服务。

  • Brightics 机器学习

    Brightics ML 是一个基于 AI 的数据分析平台,可在企业内部实现快速高效的分析服务。它可以提供可视化的分析建模环境,以及支持简单的脚本开发。

  • Brightics 深度学习

    Brightics DL 是一个非结构化数据分析平台,可以为加速 AI 开发提供相关技术。通过 Brightics DL 的自动贴标和分布式机器学习 (DML) 功能,企业可以快速轻松地将深度学习分析服务应用到其业务中。

  • Brightics 视觉搜索

    Brightics Visual Search 是一个用于媒体搜索的 AI 平台。该平台将媒体分析功能与知识图相结合,从而提供端到端的内容分发服务,这些服务涵盖内容供应和分发的所有流程。

  • Brightics 分析服务

    如果您尚未聘请内部的专业数据分析师,那也无妨。三星 SDS 的专家可以帮助挖掘您的数据潜力。开始以简单、有竞争力的方式将分析服务应用到您的业务中。