A Business Hyperautomation Accelerator

FabriX by Samsung SDS is an artificial intelligence service platform that enables the rapid and
convenient application of generative AI to enterprise work systems.

How can the application of artificial intelligence innovate business productivity in the workplace?
How should I combine systems and data, and which LLM would be best to choose?

Connecting, marks the very onset of innovation
Through connectivity, businesses can achieve hyperautomation

Accelerate your business's hyperautomation now with Samsung SDS FabriX
What makes Samsung SDS FabriX special?
Facilitates seamless connection between internal/external resources and business processes
Enables smooth sharing of data and information within the company
Facilitates seamless business operations through effortless communication
Simply Fit, Simply Chat

The artificial intelligence service platform for enterprise hyperautomation,
Samsung SDS FabriX, leverages the Samsung Cloud Platform,
a business-centric platform attuned to enterprises' needs,
to embark on the journey of enterprise innovation together.

The distinctive features of FabriX

Enterprise-Grade Generative AI: Harnessing Internal Knowledge for Full Utilization

Knowledge-based chat service tailored to user needs,Search and utilize personal or enterprise knowledge registered in the catalog for tasks

FabriX presents a Generative AI chat service powered by Samsung LLM, crafted by Samsung Research. It features advanced security and productivity-enhancing functionalities, utilizing internal data.

Corporate professionals can access FabriX for AI-driven conversations, leveraging internal insights and information to optimize efficiency.
Convenient AI-Powered Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Utilize featured prompt templates (file/URL summary, translation, email composition, etc.),Search and view templates registered by other users

FabriX introduces a generative AI service tailored for businesses, focused on enhancing employee productivity. This platform is designed to merge seamlessly with enterprise workflows, facilitating a significant uplift in efficiency and knowledge sharing.

Central to FabriX are the Prompt Studio and Prompt Library, which enable organizations to create and refine prompts efficiently. These custom prompts can be turned into templates for widespread employee use, amplifying productivity without repetitive tasks.

FabriX is expanding its horizons with the Assistant Portal, aimed at delivering custom AI chat services specific to industry needs. This forward-thinking feature promises a tailored AI experience, driving unprecedented efficiency in enterprise operations.
Facilitating an AI-Driven Ecosystem for Enterprises through Seamless System Integration

Basic queries and template utilization available,Automatic web page summarization

FabriX is poised to introduce a Browser Copilot feature, enabling access to generative AI services directly through web browsers, alongside a Copilot Support Platform designed for comprehensive integration with corporate internal systems. The Copilot Support Platform is set to offer an extensive array of model serving capabilities, both internal and external, complemented by APIs tailored for FabriX's modules. This integration aims to embed generative AI services deeply within internal systems, thereby fostering active engagement within the broader AI ecosystem.

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Composition of FabriX

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Chat Portal
Chat Service
Prompt Management
Assistant Portal (upcoming)
Assistant Studio
Cognitive Search
Data Extractor


Common Task Copilot (upcoming)
New Summary
HR Support
Samsung Cloud Platform
Chat Portal
  • Provides secure chat services using the exclusive Samsung LLM language model
  • Boosts employee AI engagement via the Prompt Studio and Library
  • Soon to introduce image creation and analysis with the advanced Large Multimodal Language Model (LMM)
Assistant Portal
  • Introduces a self-service portal for the development and distribution of bespoke chat solutions
  • Provides tools for designing tailored chat experiences, utilizing specialized knowledge and integrable plugins
  • Offers a collaborative platform for disseminating custom chat applications, serving diverse operational needs
  • Provides chat services leveraging internal knowledge via Cognitive Search
  • Ensures security with advanced filtering functions
  • Maintains a high-performance environment for diverse models
  • Soon to introduce a setup for refining and assessing Large Language Models (LLM)
  • Register and manage both user-specific and publicly accessible data within the knowledge catalog.
  • Leverage knowledge catalog to facilitate knowledge-based conversation through our chat service.
  • Ensure precise response by refining and training on the data uploaded to catalog using Cognitive Search.
Common Task Copilot
  • Delivers comprehensive support for a platform outfitted with dedicated APIs for each distinct FabriX module
  • Enables seamless access to FabriX services directly within web browsers, courtesy of the Browser Copilot feature
  • Introduces sophisticated capabilities for summarizing news articles and generating documents through the News Summary Copilot
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