Artificial intelligence (AI)

A simple solution for enterprise AI

Realize hyperautomation based on data-driven changes and new values.

An AI-based big data analytics platform A platform that recommends the most optimized algorithm and analytics parameters depending on the characteristics of data

Brightics Machine Learning

It is a ML platform that allows you to use more intuitive and convenient services across the entire AI model lifecycle.

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  • that allows users to manage the AI model lifecycle at a glance Provide the pipeline
  • that is easy and intuitive to use Offer a flexible and visualized analytics environment
  • that can be distributed and operated in various environments Ensure an analytics model
Data collection and storage A platform that supports and manages the entire data lifecycle

Brightics Data Hub

It supports and manages the entire data lifecycle
so that you can collect/store data and find necessary information with ease.

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Multi Data Store
RDB, File, NoSQL, Object Storage
Brightics Data Hub

Secure, Efficient, Fast

  • from various data channels in a secure manner Data Flow collecting data
  • while managing data collection efficiently Data Ops scheduling and monitoring data
  • to explore the data fast and reconfigure it as needed Data Wrangler featuring data pre-processing
An intelligent IoT integration platform All-in-one platform for IoT data analytics

Brightics IoT

It enables you to collect and process data from multiple devices in easy and effective manners, creating new business opportunities.

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  • using edge computing technology Easy connection with various IoT devices
  • from various legacy systems Convenient data collection/alignment and remote assest management
  • using various authentification methods Reinforced IoT data security
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