AICR (AI Character Recognition)

Automatically Extract Text and Data from Documents

AICR is a service that extracts data from images using deep learning-based image recognition technology. It employs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and patented AI deep-learning technology for character conversion, document classification, and data detection, delivering top-tier accuracy. In addition, by integrating with object storage on the Samsung Cloud Platform, target images for analysis and findings are stored securely.




Service Architecture

  • Project Manager -Apply for products → AICR
  • Developer - Perform demo → AICR
  • Developer - API call → AICR
  • AICR → Integration of metering info → Samsung Cluoud Platform Service
  • AICR → Integration of authentication/permissions info → Samsung Cluoud Platform Service
  • AICR ← Upload image for analysis/Download findings → Samsung Cluoud Platform Service
  • Console: OpenAPI authentication key management, Apply for AICR product,AICR demo page, View AICR usage
  • AICR Management: API Endpoint, Monitoring/Metering
  • AICR Engine: Word recognition, Document structure recognition, Document conversion, Keyword extraction
※ Samsung Cloud Platform Service: CMP, IAM, Object Storage

Key Features

  • Extract text by image type using the API call

    - Types of Image : Document, invoice
    - Types of extracted data
      · Text : Extract text and location
      · Table : Extract text and location of each cell by distinguishing table structure
      · Format : Extract data in key-value by distinguishing document format
    - Supported languages for character recognition : 7 language family, 97 languages (Korean, 56 in Latin, 11 in Cyrillic, 25 in Arabic, 2 in Chinese, Japanese, and Thai)

  • Provide demo

    - AICR functional/performance testing through Demo
    - Demo limitations : Use JPG, PNG, PDF format, no bigger than 10MB, one page

  • View API call status

    - View call status by API and by day/week/month
    - View the number of calls by API (All/success/error)
    - View response time for successful API


    • Billing
    • Billed by page depending on the type of image and extracted data
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