Cloud Hadoop

Hadoop Clusters for Easy and Fast Big Data Processing/Analytics

Samsung Cloud Platform offers Hadoop clusters for big data processing and analytics. Cloud Hadoop supports small-scale computing resources to enable clustering and parallel processing of large-capacity data. In addition, the Hadoop ecosystem and management environments with validated compatibility based on Apache open source are also provided for convenient use.




Service Architecture

Data Ingestion
  • Real-time Data Collection - Kafka
  • Structured/ Unstructured Data Collection - Sqoop, Flume
Data Process/Analytics
  • Data Processing - Map Reduce, Hive, Hue, Livy, Solr
  • Execution Engine - Tez, Spark
  • Data Operation - YARN
  • Coordinator - Zookeeper
  • Data Governance - Altas
  • Security - Ranger
  • NoSQL DB - HBase
  • Data Storage for Any Data Type - HDFS
  • Data Ingestion → Data Process/Analytics

Key Features

  • Automated Hadoop clusters

    - Offer Hadoop ecosystem with validated mutual compatibility and grant users server (VM) access
    - Initial installations : HDFS, YARN, HBASE, HIVE, TES, Hue, Solr, Spark, LIVY

  • Support for a number of open source software

    - HDFS, ZooKeeper, YARN, Spark, HIVE, TEZ, Atlas, Ranger, LIVY, Hue, KERBEROD, HBASE, Solr, Kafka, Flume, Sqoop, Oozie, Kudu, Impala

  • User convenience features

    - Installation/Management by Hadoop ecosystem
    - Optimal configuration value and version management
    - Dashboard for integrated monitoring on system resources
    - Alert on failure through service analysis


    • Billing
    • Hourly rate for VM type of cluster node (VM + Hadoop application cost)
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