Data Flow

Extracts, Transforms and Moves Data from Various Sources and Automates Data Processing Flow

Data Flow is data processing flow tool that extracts large data from various data sources. It enables the visual establishment of how stream/batch data are converted/transmitted and also provides open source Apache NiFi services. It can be used independently in a Kubernetes Engine cluster environment of Samsung Cloud Platform or along with other application SW.




Service Architecture

  • User → Request/Distribute Products → Data Flow Image & Chart Repository
    • Data Flow Image & Chart Repository
      Manager/ Manager Client
      NiFi/ ZooKeeper/ NiFi Registry
    • Data Flow Image & Chart Repository → >Kubernetes Engine
      Kubernetes Engine
      Container/ Container/ Container
  • Data Engineer →Process Data → Data Flow Image & Chart Repository → >Kubernetes Engine

Key Features

  • Easy installation

    - Automatically install container-based open source NiFi scalable cluster environment using a web console
    - Pre-installed components : NiFi, ZooKeeper, NiFi Registry

  • Data processing

    - Data sources available for connection : HDFS, HIVE, HBASE, Solr, Cassandra, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Syslog, HTTPS, SFTP, etc
    - Connect with data at a real-time, track data flow, and prevent data loss
    - Processing large amounts of data and parallel tasks

  • GUI-based easy management

    - GUI-based deployment/management of NiFi settings and Nar files in a cluster environment
    - Share/deploy NiFi templates


    • Billing
    • The amount of CPU time used by the Kubernetes Engine pod of Data Flow
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