Email, SMS, and Push Notifications

REST API allows easy linking to applications and user notifications in the forms of email, SMS and push notifications. Users may request for usage on web-based console and receive API guidelines to better manage notifications with scheduled/large messaging, blocking, and viewing usage metering.




Service Architecture

  1. User - Use Service (API)
  2. API G/W
    • SMS Proxy
    • Push Proxy
    • Email Proxy
  3. Notification System
    • SMS
    • Push
    • Email
  4. Metering Data
  5. Check History
  6. User
  7. Request for Service
  8. SCP Console

Key Features

  • Sending notifications

    - Email : Regular/scheduled sending, mass emails, and attachment
    - SMS/MMS/LMS : Regular/scheduled sending, image attachments (for MMS), mass messaging, and blocking messaging overlaps
    - Push notifications : Push messages from mobile applications (Android and iOS), regular/scheduled sending, and blocking messaging overlaps

  • Universal features

    - Provide services to view history, index/statistics of sent results, and blocking
    - Support replacement tags (personalized email/messaging available for each recipient)

  • Public API and Admin (Console) API provision

    - Public API : API for product requests available for general users
    - Admin (Console) API : API for managing setting via console

  • Push authentication management

    - Integrated management of Android and iOS tokens
    - Authentication certificates : GCM (Google Cloud Messaging), APNS (Apple Push Notification Service), and Amazon Device Messaging


    • Billing
    • Monthly billing by combining monthly usage by user
    • Metering
    • Email : Number of successfully sent emails (successfully reaching external SMTP servers)
    • SMS : Number of receiving messages (Prices for SMS, LMS, MMS, and international SMS vary.) Monthly subscription is applied to 080 number blocking service (including line/call costs)
    • Push notification : Number of sending notifications
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