Archive Storage

A Low-cost Storage Option that Supports Long-term Retention of Data

Archive storage is a storage solution for the long-term retention of large data sets. By setting an archive schedule, infrequently-accessed data will automatically be moved to an Archive Storage from Object Storage, and it can be recovered to Object Storage within 12 hours upon user request.




Service Architecture

S3 API based Service(PUT, GET, POST, ETC.) ↔ Object Storage → Archiving (Scheduling and policy settings) → Archive Storage → Recovery (Within 12 hours in folder or file) → Object Storage

Key Features

  • Creating archiving plan

    - Target : Choose an Object Storage bucket and folder
    - Policy : Data copy or move
    - Requirements for execution : File that is 1 to 3,650 days old after use
    - Monitor archiving history : Success, cancellation, failure

  • Data restoration

    - Choose a folder and file saved in Archive Storage
    - Choose an Object Storage bucket and folder for storage
    - Monitor recovery status : Success, cancellation, failure


    • Billing
    • Charged monthly based on usage
    • Charged monthly based on recovery
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