Featured Jobs

  • Business Development

    Project Planning

    Maps out new projects based on diverse clientele and market analyses and prepares project execution

    Product Planning/Management

    Keeps track of product performance throughout the entire product lifecycle


    Builds marketing strategies targeting specific sales channels in domestic or overseas markets, develops SDS pricing strategy, supports sales department


    Pursues new project opportunities that align with Samsung SDS business principles and management strategies, sets sales goals, and carries out sales operations while relying on available resources

  • R&D

    Research Planning

    Provides strategy for meeting mid and long-term technology goals, coordinates necessary technology lineups
and patent applications by operating the processes necessary to implement R&D companywide.

    Research & Development

    Melds new technologies with product designs and services, follows mid and long-term
strategies for securing new technologies based on market trends.

    Solution Development

    Utilizes current market tech trends to develop new service models for solutions, related systems, and to provide consulting.

  • Consulting

    Strategic Consulting

    Finds strategic solutions for clients in the areas of business management, ICT services, and operations based on our expertise in information technologies and ICT solutions.

    Process Consulting

    Identifies areas that need to be eliminated or re-evaluated in current business processes and introduces relevant
solutions to improve client value chains.

    Solution Consulting

    Selects and proposes relevant solutions to clients whose businesses benefit from ICT. Conducts full spectrum investigation of company in question and current tech trends.

    ICT Consulting

    Supplies clients with direction on IT system and infrastructure construction based on
extensive knowledge in the relevant tech field.

    UX Consulting

    In charge of design related planning and visual proposals to create intuitive user interfaces that will increase Samsung SDS business value by creating visual connections between company and client.

  • PJT Management

    Project Management

    Monitors the entire progression of various projects from start to finish for quality assurance, establishes work scope and carries out action plans after procuring necessary internal and external resources.

    Cost Estimation Management

    Performs cost estimation through a simulation program that forecasts expenditures based on previous projects. Advises employees on how to approach projects while staying within budget.

    Contract Management

    Leads contract negotiations with clients, reviews the terms and conditions and identifies risks inside the contract. Analyzes impact of changed orders or breach of contract and prepares corresponding solutions.

  • Architecture

    Business Architecture

    Proposes new client-centric business architecture models after a full understanding of Samsung SDS business models and processes, functions and data structures.

    Software Architecture

    Strategizes and constructs applications by piecing together software components and design elements with the project vision in mind.

    Data Architecture

    Maintains databases at optimum levels by suggesting standards for data analysis and data architecture design, and leading integrated data modeling. Systematically constructs all data for the project.

    Technical Architecture

    Sets technical standards by suggesting, analyzing, designing, implementing, stabilizing, and optimizing architectures, and integrating them within the ICT infrastructure. Operates technical solutions to ensure efficient ICT management.

    Infrastructure Architecture

    Plans, operates, and maintains infrastructure architecture to increase systems accessibility and level of efficiency in accordance with the ITDM’s standard operating process.

  • ICT Development / Operation

    Industry Solution Expert

    Supports systems implementation after analyzing client needs, defining the project scope and expected deliverables, and ensuring uninterrupted project execution.

    ICT System Analysis

    Identifies and incorporates client’s functional and non-functional demands into the ICT development process. Performs thorough systems quality checks.

    ICT Service Analysis

    Analyzes client needs pertaining to ICT services on an operational level for easy maneuvering through stable systems.

    Embedded Software Development

    Designs, develops, monitors, and quality tests various software programs, supports infrastructure construction and
maintenance for products and services embedded in the software.

    Applied Communication/Service Development

    Offers clients with services employing ICT technologies based on wired and wireless network infrastructure.

    Application Development

    Designs, develops, quality tests and integrates software using modeling techniques according to system analysis results
and refined software architecture.

    Application Operation

    Experiments with various operational programs to improve system performance and provides stable
services for clients.

    ICTO Technology Planning

    Strategizes mid and long-term objectives and technological vision, supports plan to implement Samsung SDS technologies in client’s current system, manages ICTO contract and payment structure, and provides technical support.

    Information Projection

    Protects information property from infringements and data breaches by recommending relevant security solutions for clients with ICT systems.

    Educational Service

    Trains employees, including HR staff, using suitable educational programs aligned with client needs.

  • Infrastructure

    Server Management

    Implements plans to design, adopt, deploy, operate, and improve server infrastructure to provide high quality IT services and enhance system availability and efficiency.

    DB Management

    Supervises database installations, configurations and upgrades,
data memory management, backups and patches, as well as key database operations such as DB security, performance tuning and fault

    Network Management

    Expands services through pre-sale technical support as well as recommendations on communication services. Takes on a comprehensive technical account managing role using wired and wireless telecommunications technology.

    Facility Management

    Oversees the design, construction and operation of data center infrastructure by managing electrical and mechanical construction, fire prevention, communications channels, IBS, and infrastructure optimization.

  • Quality

    Quality Planning

    Sets the standard for quality assurance depending on target customers and markets with references to various programs and resources.

    Quality Technology

    Guarantees high quality by adhering to the set standards for quality assurance and methods of achieving those goals based on the quality
characteristics of products and services, and by performing verification in accordance with plans.

  • Business Support


    Develops the company’s vision and manages information strategy. Reviews the feasibility of various projects and coordinates roles and responsibilities.


    Supports various financial decision making by providing copious information, and managing financial risk.

    Human Resources

    Promotes HR planning, management, and support in accordance with Samsung SDS business principles.


    Builds supply chain management systems, oversees the procurement process and negotiates with suppliers and vendors. Gathers critical information about client markets,
necessary technologies, outsourcing methods and the costs involved.


    Manages company image with varying PR tactics, implements internal and external PR activities while promoting active internal communication.

    Knowledge Management

    Regulates the company knowledge database by developing and keeping track of core business strategies. Manages the roles and responsibilities of those utilizing the acquired knowledge.

    Legal Affairs

    Mitigates legal and managerial risk during business operations ranging from projects to business investments. Contributes to profit making by handling lawsuits and legal disputes.


    Creates a healthy corporate culture for ethical business operations, and reviews human resources as well as company-wide spending.

    General Affairs/Safety

    In charge of a wide range of general duties ranging from management of company property and parking, scheduling shareholders’ meetings and official events, legal affairs and compliance management, and filling assistant positions for C-level officers. Also responsible for safety and
environment management, general affairs and emergency plans.