Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Promotion price optimization through cellphone sales prediction

""With Brightics AI analytics service, data-driven business transformation has become no longer a dream, but a reality.""

Anuj Kumar Jain, VP, Head of Business Innovation, Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.


  • Brightics Data Preparation

    Brightics DP is a data management platform that supports efficient preparation of analysis data. It allows enterprise users to quickly collect and utilize data generated internally and externally for their analytics services.

  • Brightics Machine Learning

    Brightics ML is an AI-based data analytics platform for implementing quick and efficient analytics services within an enterprise. It provides an environment for visualized analytics modeling, as well as support for simple script development.

  • Brightics Deep Learning

    Brightics DL is a platform for unstructured data analysis, which provides technologies for accelerating AI developments. Through Brightics DL, enterprises can quickly and easily apply deep learning analytics services to their businesses through automatic labeling and distributed machine learning (DML).