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The Establishment of Samsung Cloud Platform-based Next Generation SCM System

""Our customers introduced SCM SaaS through the Samsung Cloud Platform to boost operational efficiency and as a result they now have a competitive edge and are able to meet the changing needs of the business sector.""

Global Manufacturer


Resource-rich countries placing export embargos and experiencing severe shortages of parts and materials have resulted in delays in the production of finished products, and regional conflict has worsened supply chain disruptions. Against this backdrop, it is now widely believed that developing a sustainable supply chain is key to business growth. With that in mind, our customers felt the need to devise a plan to prevent the shortage of key materials and establish a differentiated SCM structure to enhance supply chain efficiencies based on consumer demand.

To mitigate supply chain risks, customers have achieved sophistication, automation/intellectualization of SCM operations. In addition, they introduced SCM SaaS through the Samsung Cloud Platform to boost operational efficiency as an open platform. Now customers can take advantage of new technologies and features in a cost-efficient manner. By putting in place a supply chain system that reflects the changing needs of the industries, they now have a competitive edge and can better meet the changing needs of businesses.

Resopond Quickly to Business Needs, Establish In-memory based Ultra-fast Scenario Plan, Apply new technology/features Improve Ease of Operation, Effective Data Analysis Thanks to Increased Data Volumes


SCM platform-based service
· Provide ways to predict and manage demand using AI/ML
· Support smart decision-making process through in-memory tech-based scenario and incremental simulation
· Create an SCM plan rapidly, figure out the problem and its root causes, and suggest solutions through Smart algorithm

Flexible operations environment
· Provide new technology-based regular platform upgrade
· Regular feature update helps meet the needs of the industries on time
· SaaS-based BPO help achieve system operational stability and streamline maintenance

Reliable cloud environment
· Provide a customer-tailored cloud environment that guarantees performance, stability and availability through the Samsung Cloud Platform
· Create a separate client cloud resource for data security purposes
· Provide stable SaaS service through replication/setting up DR environment


Cost Reduction
· Reduce TCO through the subscription-based service
· Help eliminate unnecessary expenses used for tech upgrades

Lower Lead Time
· Reduce decision-making time based on data analysis
· Reduce planning time through incremental planning

Stable Operation
· Reduce data restoration time by creating an active/standby configuration
· Restore data center operations within three hours since the disaster through the DR environment (RPO : Near Zero)