Bank A

AI-based evaluation automation at Bank A for export/import regulations

""It is now able to carry out evaluations for large-scale evaluations related to export/import in convenient, fast and accurate manners.""

Bank A


Bank A is one of the Korea’s biggest commercial banks. It is also one of the Korea’s biggest financial institutes with strength in not only personal finance but corporate finance.

The bank has recently established a financial group to expand its business to not only the bank industry but credit card and asset management. There are discussions underway to establish its overseas subsidiaries in China, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

For evaluations of increased export/import regulations at Bank A, it requires more personnel for evaluation as there’s an expansion of the existing evaluation criteria. This leads to the risk of cost increase. Because of human error, difference in individuals, and difficulties of rapid response due to regulation changes, there has been the limitation for quality.


With the existing IT, it is difficult to realize the automation system for evaluating export/import documents in not the structured but unstructured format. That’s how the automation of evaluation by establishing the linkage between Samsung SDS’ Nexfinance AICR and Text Anlaytics.

• AI-based management system for evaluating regulations
- Evaluation monitoring
- Search transaction
- Search and process manual evaluation
- Various statistics screen

• AI-based OCR solution
• Synchronization between systems and interface development

Nexfianance AICR
Nexfianace AICR is a solution that helps corporate work automation by recognizing characters and creating database based on deep-learning-based image recognition technology.

Highest recognition rate in the industry
The global top tier level of accuracy will be provided with the image pre-processing and recognition algorithm, which has been developed by Samsung SDS.
Accurate and convenient data capture
There will be some benefits for user convenience by creating database through automatic recognition for various document structures or coordinate appointment.
Easy and fast work expandability
AICR has been developed based on Samsung SDS’ deep learning platform, which can drastically reduce the period of model learning and immediately respond to new document work.


As a result of applying Nexfinance AICR, the productivity of evaluation work for regulations has been greatly improved (now, possible to evaluate 4.5 times more items with the same number of personnel). The accuracy and reliability of evaluations for regulations has been improved by preventing human errors, eliminating differences in individuals, and making quality improvement equal among criteria. Also, it is now possible to save major items of export/import documents, which amounts to about 5 million cases a year. This enables to establish the foundation of managing high-quality big data.

This is Korea’s first case to establish the AI-based automated evaluation system for regulations among Korean banks. Bank A stated, “We’ve introduced the evaluation system for regulations at the global level by utilizing RegTech” about this project. The bank also added, “We will expand the scope of utilizing AI technologies to the overall foreign currency work”.



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