Credit Card Company S

Internalizing e-document verification on blockchain

"Samsung SDS’ Nexledger Solution saves us cost and helps secure stability in operation by internalizing the function of original e-document verification based on blockchain, which used to rely on external parties."

Credit Card Company S


Korea’s biggest card company that provides card payment as major services creates card application forms and contract with stores collected by credit card salespersons nationwide, which is about 1.7 million set a year. It is, therefore, very important to manage the mentioned e-Documents without any information leak in safe and efficient manners.

Previously, Company S had to pay for service charge through the Authorized e-Document Center in order to carry out the process to verify original documents as a part of document management. As the center is an external organization, there have been some service error risks in operation.


The Nexledger Solution internalizes the original e-document functions by saving the time stamp information and documents’ own hash values.

Tablet PC of the credit card salesperson → Card company → Not an Authorized Electronic Documentation Center
  • Tablet PC of the credit card salesperson → Tablet-dran system →
    1. Request the time of confirmation → Blockchain
    2. Blockchain → Time stamp Tablet-dran system
    3. Tablet-dran system → Save original e-Documents → Image storage system

Solution Details

• Nexledger Service API: Digital Stamping
• Nexledger Core: NCA* (Document information and history management (Hash information)))
* NCA: Nexledger Consensus Algorithm


As a result of the introduction of Samsung SDS’ Nexledger, Company S was able to save KRW 290 million compared to the time when the company used the external authorized e-document centers. The service error risks risen from external services are also decreased in order to strengthen stability in operation.



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