Global electronics manufacturer

Data-Based Global Market Forecasting, Brightics AI

""A global electronics manufacturer has established a model development and analysis platform using Brightics AI in Public Cloud to use it to predict markets and establish sales strategies through AI models." "

Global electronics manufacturer


A global electronics manufacturer had difficulty predicting market size changes and short-term market share due to rapid environmental changes.

Unexpected rapid changes in past experiences, such as the impact of the pandemic, disputes between countries, and intensifying competition among manufacturers, have led to a decline in the reliability of institutional market predictions and experience-based predictions.

Therefore, it has become very important to build an AI-based objective market prediction process by forming a flexible resource use structure, which is a feature of Public Cloud, and a single analysis platform using the latest AI algorithm.

A global electronics manufacturer has reviewed various cloud services to provide market share prediction services for use in market competition and sales marketing decisions based on a stable public cloud environment for each corporation around the world.


A global electronics manufacturer has established a model development and analysis platform using Brightics AI in Public Cloud to predict AI model-based markets and establish sales strategies.

▶ Development of a Market Forecasting Model
- Apply ML (machine learning) / AI (artificial intelligence) prediction framework
- Early improvement of prediction reliability through our own prediction methodology and data scientist collaboration

▶ AWS Public-based Integrated Analysis Platform Configuration
- Flexible resource structure and latest neural network algorithm utilization of public cloud of AWS
- Stable cloud environment setting and operation by supporting professional technical personnel

▶ ML, AI engineer support and stable operation
- Stabilize early operation by deploying experts in analysis platforms and operating pilot services
- Secure model continuity by configuring model operation process and manpower

Brightics ML v3.8 on AWS Marketplace
  • AWS Cloud
    • IAM
    • Marketplace
    • Region
      • VPC Endpoint → ECR. IAM.. etc, EKS Control Plane→EKS Cluster
      • CX Zone
        • VPC Endpoint
        • VPC
          • Private subnet(ap-northeast-2a,2b,2c)
            • NLB → EKS Cluster
              • EKS Cluster : EC2,EC2,EC2,EC2,EC2,EC2
            • EKS Cluster → EBS
            • EKS Cluster → EFS
            • EKS Cluster → EFS
            • EC2 jumphost → EKS Cluster
        AWS Cloud Solutions
        • Cloud Computing + Storage
          • Amazon EC2
          • Amazon EBS
          • Amazon EFS
        • Cloud Management + Container
          • AWS Marketplace
          • Amazon ECR
          • Amazon EKS
        • Cloud Security
          • AWS IAM
        • Cloud Network
          • Amazon VPC


Pre-prediction of market change using predictive model
The application of Brightics AI-based predictive models automatically detects major variables and optimal factors that affect the market, and accurately predicts market changes in various regions/country in advance.

Enhance efficient resource utilization and security
Based on the Public Cloud of AWS, it was possible to secure resources flexibly, so it was possible to respond quickly and safely when adjusting the scale, and it was easy to improve security and process authority, so it was possible to respond quickly and safely in various situations.

Convenience of operation and management
Collaboration between data scientists was easy and operation and management were effectively carried out, enabling model development and operation application in a short period of time.