Global Electronics Manufacturer A

Realization of data-based environment/safety/health system

""In order to establish the safety culture at the highest global level, the company conducts various activities including operation of safety management index for the entire company, assessment on the level of safety culture, establishment of safe work environment and strengthening safety capability. All manufacturing workplaces develop potential risks and assess risk levels in order to establish a safe workplace.”"

Sustainable Management Report, Global Electronics Manufacturer A


There are more and more severe accidents related to environment & safety in industries including fire, explosion, leakage and fall. Accordingly, related regulations in Korea and overseas continue to be strengthened. That highlights the importance of corporate environment, safety and health. However, the client who runs multiple workplaces in Korea and overseas, has different processes and different levels of management of the EHS (environment, health and safety)-related system. It took a lot of time and cost to respond Korean and overseas regulations while figuring out the management levels in environment, safety and health.

For improvement, the client needed restructuring its existing system into an enterprise-wide and systematic global standard system. The client requested the standardization of the work process the EHS system that already exists, preparation of a new technology-based environment & safety platform that can adopt data and work environment from numerous workplaces in Korea and overseas, and functions to respond to legal regulations in Korea and overseas and prevent environment & safety accidents.

  • Time/Cost :

    Requirements 01

    A lot of time/cost required for managing enviroment/safety/health * Need an efficient integrated EHS system for the entire company
  • Legal regulations :

    Requirements 02

    The drastic Increase in management items due to the strengthened regulations In Korea and overseas * Need a systematic management regarding laws and regulations
  • Risk :

    Requirements 03

    Occurrence enviroment and safety disasters * Need to secure preventive systems as well as visualize risks real time


The client’s system has been restructured into a global standard system based on the EHS-exclusive platform.

ㆍ Standardize the EHS work processes and modularize unit work. The unit functions for EHS work are flexibly set up to be applied depending on environments by country and workplace
ㆍ Manage ‘Rule & Workflow’ through ‘My To-do’ card so that users can implement EHS management work without missing any items
ㆍ Create the global standard Internet environment (e.g. HTML5, multi-browsing) so that user environments of Korea and overseas can be adopted.
ㆍ Create cloud infrastructure that can flexibly respond to the increase in use volume by considering the IT environment ground to apply to the global large workplaces so that multiple workplaces can process data real time
ㆍ Establish a data standard management system to improve data integrity so that users can implement data-centric EHS work
ㆍ Secure analysis ground (e.g. IoT, analytics) for CBM preventive measures by collecting operation data of environment and safety facilities with IoT-platform-based sensors and managing such data in integrated manner


SDS EHS Platform
Samsung SDS provides customized integrated EHS management solutions in order to enhance corporate EHS management level.

■ EHS Portal: Support for EHS work implementation through rules and systems by establishing a portal that considers user convenience
■ UI Framework: Providing tools and functions to develop EHS screens and establishment of a systematic management system of UI through screen and data management.
■ Rule & Workflow: Providing workplaces that implement work items focusing on ‘to-do-list’
■ APIM: management of EHS-like legacy system, internal work module and requests of interface between various systems (e.g. external organizations) through standardization
■ Modularity: Possible to create modules for necessary work so that the work can be delivered to clients depending on partners’ business size
■ Cloud: Possible to select cloud environments depending on clients’ circumstances (Private/Public cloud)


The Global electronics manufacturer has established the intergrated EHS system, which enhances the level of environment, safety and health work in Korea and overseas. Also, it was the good possibility to enhance responsive capability for laws and regulations based on data collection and analysis. The monitoring for risk factors in workplaces enabled the company to secure a preventive system while pursing ‘risk zero’ in workplaces.



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