Cloud Consulting

Customized consulting to maximize
customer value with cloud service

Cloud implementation and migration made for business environments.

Businesses are pursuing business innovation driven by new digital technologies in order to actively respond to rapidly changing market circumstances. As a basis for digital transformation, cloud implementation is now a must for business operation. Samsung SDS offers end-to-end cloud consulting services to satisfy various needs from cloud diagnosis to establishing governance.

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Key Features

Samsung SDS offers methodology-driven customized consulting services built on years of experience and capabilities.


  • Validated methodologies

    Cloud migration measures are developed based on the cloud methodology validated by actual implementation and operation cases of public institutions and Samsung affiliates in diverse areas from manufacturing to finance and services industries.

  • Customized cloud governance

    Optimized cloud management platforms and governance are secured by building cloud guidelines and policies for each customer based on the existing cloud implementation/operation know-how and capabilities.

  • IT infrastructure diagnosis

    Standardized customer business and IT status as well as automated IT infrastructure diagnosis help identify detailed cloud implementation measures that can guarantee IT flexibility and scalability for mid-to-long-term business plans.

  • IT analysis using specialized SW tools

    An accurate status diagnosis is the basis for strategy development. IT systems including applications are analyzed quickly and thoroughly using automated data collection/analysis tools and validated checklists in system, network and security areas.

  • Efficient cloud operation systems with automation

    Experience cloud management platforms and governance structure optimized for you, including failure analysis and fundamental recurrence prevention measures based on years of cloud operation experience.

  • Detailed action plans and environments

    Samsung SDS offers more practical solutions with minimized risk by conducting pilot projects and trial services of various scenarios in upstack-driven environments with recent cloud technology trends.

Major Services

  • Current status
    Feasibility analysis
    -Analyze costs for cloud migration/management and estimate qualitative/quantitative effects of cloud implementation
    -Conduct an in-depth analysis of IT resources to be used for design and implementation planning

    Trend and case studies
    -Analyze latest cloud-related industry trends and regulation changes
    -Examine cases of domestic/global market leaders and competitors Cloud implementation strategy
    - Develop cloud adoption strategy and direction for the change - Define cloud optimization models and scope of transition
  • Future models
    To-be model development
    - Build cloud adoption models and design target architecture
    - Design company-wide cloud-oriented infrastructure in connection with relevant systems

    Operation management models
    - Build optimized cloud operation models, reflecting existing customer-specific operation systems
    - Develop efficient cloud management structure containing SLA, security management measures, operation portals and more

    Migration measures
    - Set cloud migration directions based on Samsung SDS methodology
    - Develop migration measures according to customer status
  • Masterplan development
    Tasks for implementation
    - Identify tasks and priorities and estimate budget accordingly
    - Establish a mid-to-long-term roadmap and analyze expected financial impact of cloud migration

    Implementation measures by phase
    - Specify migration details and develop measures to support business for each phase

    PoC projects
    - Validate cloud technologies and solutions to be applied to customers
    - Conduct PoC to verify the necessity and reliability of cloud migration

Cloud Migration Consulting

Use Cases


Cloud migration consulting
Samsung SDS offers diagnosis tools and own methodology based on extensive experience and capabilities. Enjoy the most optimized cloud for your business with customized cloud environments.

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