Cloud in One

FinOps Platform that integrates and manages resources/costs of Hybrid/Multi-Cloud

Integrated functions for optimized cloud operation

Enterprise customers are facing difficulties using the cloud due to the increasing complexity of management for various cloud uses, surging resources/costs, lack of cloud specialized technologies and more. Through our ‘Cloud in One’ FinOps platform, Samsung SDS offers an integrated service essential for cloud operation, from cost management to resource management.

Major Services

  • Cloud in One is a FinOps platform that integrates and manages cloud resources/costs for Hybrid/Multi-Cloud environment



FinOps Process

Continuous cloud efficiency is achieved through ‘Real time information sharing + resource/cost optimization + immediate execution’ between various role players.
※ FinOps : Cloud governance in which all areas from Finance to Operations participate
  • Executive
  • IT Manager
  • Business/Product Owner
  • Finamce/Procurement
  • Engineering/Ops/Infrastructure
→ FinOps Process (Optimize/Inform/Operate) → Migration/Governance, Cost reduction, Purchase efficiency,Resource optimization → Samsung Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle cloud, AWS


  • Appliance of FinOps management indicator and process

    The meaningful management indicator to be measured and managed on the platform is applied. Through a process which support repetitive implementation of ‘Informing → Optimizing → Operating’, Samsung SDS provides continuously improving efficiency cloud resources.

  • Provision of integrated view on hybrid cloud resource/ cost

    Various resources, cost of public/private cloud and the trend can be checked on the integrated dashboard at one glance. Users can customize their own dashboard by choosing widgets according to their own needs.

  • Presenting various cost reduction ideas and expected effects

    Samsung SDS presents various cost reduction suggestions by purchasing discount program such as AWS Reservations and Savings Plans. By analyzing resource usage patterns and requirements, we recommend the optimal cost reduction plan and simulate the expected reduction amount for rapid decision making.

  • Resource optimization measures and performance management

    Samsung SDS sets off various resource optimization plans according to each of corporations FinOps policies. Resource optimization that we are pursuing is not unconditional reduction. Optimization through our ‘Cloud in One’ guarantees service stability and performance as well. Also, the result of resource optimization will be connected to performance management and it enables continuous and repetitive efficiency possible.

Major Services

    FinOps policy and indicators management

    It offers the functions to set the policy and manage indicators in order to effectively manage cost reducing activities and efficiently use cloud resources.

    Process for optimized execution

    Through the FinOps process, it helps users clearly identify and implement things to do based on the management policy designed for each role player.

    Recommendations to optimize resources and performance management

    By analyzing resource usage amount and usage patterns, Samsung SDS provides various recommendations including RightSizing, new generation upgrade, deleting unused resources, and server scheduling for downtime. TCO will be reduced by executing the recommendations.

    Cost optimization recommendation and performance management

    It makes recommendations after estimating discounts that users can make through the discount program, such as Reservations or Savings Plans. To maximize cost reduction, it continuously follows up how effectively users utilize the contracted resources that they have purchased.


Use Cases

Samsung SDS Cloud in One

    Cloud service offerings

    We offer the wide ranging functions of global cloud service providers.

    • Samsung Cloud Platform

    • AWS

    • Microsoft Azure

    • Google Cloud

    • ORACLE Cloud

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