Container Registry

Easy Storage, Management, and Sharing of Container Images

Container Registry offers a cloud registry for convenient storage, management, and sharing of container images and OCI(Open Container Initiative) standard artifacts. Image management and deployment are available anytime anywhere on Samsung Cloud Platform.




Service Architecture

  1. Use Case ↔ Image Push / Image Pull ↔ Container Registry ↔ Samsung Cloud Platform
    User Case
    K8s Cluster
  2. Container Registry
    User Interface
    Authentication / Authority features
    Container Image Management
    Registry Creation/ Deletion/ Mgmt.
    Repository Management
    Image Tag Management
    Vulnerability Assessment
    Image Policy Management
    Container Image Storage
    Container Image
    Helm Chart
    OCI Artifact
  3. Container Registry ← User Authentication → IDP (Identity Provider)
  4. Container Registry ← Registry/Repository, Authority Mgmt. → IAM
  5. Container Registry ← Image/Chart/Artifact, Storage → Object Storage
  6. Container Registry ← Event Monitoring → Cloud Monitoring
  7. Container Registry ← Event Logging → Logging/Audit
    • Samsung Cloud Platform: IDP, IAM, Objec Storage, Cloud Monitoring, Logging/Audit

Key Features

  • Registry management

    - Manage the creation/deletion of a registry
    - Manage registry access control
    - Manage used/unused DR registry

  • Image management

    - Tag management : Push, pull, view and delete images
    - Repository management : View and delete repository, set security policy

  • Vulnerability assessment of images

    - Provide Common Vulnerability Exposure(CVE)-based vulnerability scanning and results :
    Container image, package, secret, language package

  • Collaboration and access control

    - Authority management on IAM(Identity and Access Management)-based registry and repository
    - Usage monitoring
    - Logging : registry, repository, and image tagged events


    • Billing
    • Registry service : Stored data amount X Used hours (per hour)
      ※ As per connected Object Storage bucket
    • Image scanning : Charge by number of scans
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