Kubernetes Apps

SW Images for Immediate Deployment in Kubernetes Clusters

The Kubernetes Apps service deploys a range of container images including Web/WAS and other app infrastructure in clusters created by Kubernetes Engine. Abundant field operation experiences help provide container images with optimized settings, enabling easy app deployment.




Service Architecture

User → SCP Console →Kubernetes Apps[AI/ML, Database, DevOps Tools, Messaging, Web Server, WAS ...] →Deploy SW → Kubernetes Engine[Containers]

Key Features

  • SW Offerings
    1. AI/ML : Brightics ML
    2. Messaging Service : RabbitMQ
    3. App Infrastructure (Web/WAS) : Jboss EAP, JEUS, Tomcat, Wildfly, Apache, WebtoB, NGINX, etc.
    4. App Infrastructure : Ingress NGINX Controller, Istio, Zookeeper, etc.
    5. Database : MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
    6. DevOps Tools : ArgoCD, GitLab, Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube
  • Kubernetes Apps creation and management
    1. View/delete the list of cancelled Kubernetes Apps
    2. View details of resources of each Kubernetes cluster created


    • Billing
    • Brightics ML : Total CPU usage time for worker nodes in the dedicated cluster
    • Commercial SW license is provided in BYOL (Bring Your Own License)
    • Open Source SW does not provide technical support
    • Community version SW provides technical support (at an additional charge)
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