Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes Container Orchestration Service

Kubernetes Engine offers lightweight virtual computing containers and clusters for their management. With the service, Kubernetes environments are readily available by installation, operation, and maintenance of the Kubernetes control plane.




Service Architecture

Control Plane ↔ Customer Managed

Samsung SDS Cloud Platform - Managed : Control Plane
API Server ↔ Scheduler
API Server, Scheduler → Controller Manager
Customer Managed
Node (VM)
  • Kubelet
  • Container Runtime
  • Kube-proxy
  • Containers

Key Features

  • Standard Kubernetes cluster creation

    - Users can use standard Kubernetes services with ease thanks to user definition (VPC/Subnet, Security Group, public endpoint usage File Storage for PV)
    - Can establish flexible deployment strategy using multiple node pools

  • Management functions for Kubernetes control

    - Kubernetes dashboard : Check the details of the object and controller within a cluster through the Samsung Cloud Platform and create, delete and edit using Kubectl or Yaml editor
    - Auto restore : When auto restore mode is on and the node fails to carry out a status check, Samsung Cloud Platform will perform the restoration of the node
    -Upgrade : Update the Kubernetes version of cluster and node pool to the latest version (Kubernetes version verified/provided by Samsung Cloud Platform)
    -Auto scaling : Based on resource usage amounts such as CPU and memory, automatically scale up/down the node for application deployment


    • Billing
    • Hourly billing for control plane usage (from creation of cluster to termination request)
      ※ Management nodes (Kubernetes control planes) provided
    • Other components excluding control planes are charged separately
      · VM for worker node configuration
      · VPC, Load Balancer, and Security Group for user VPC environments
      · Storage for PV configuration
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