Creating green environments

Climate change is an issue we can no longer ignore. We are active participants in reducing carbon emissions, sourcing low-carbon technologies and using clean energy for our data centers.

High-quality energy projects

Our data center’s IT systems use power-saving flash memory and solid state drives (SSDs) to maximize energy efficiency. We utilize airside economizers to process outside air into cool energy for our servers. And, with analytic hydrodynamic models built using Samsung SDS technologies, we examine air movements to find optimal and practical ways to use atmospheric energy.

Use clean, renewable energy
Use clean, renewable energy

We continuously search for innovative energy solutions to power our expanding data centers. Currently, solar water heaters, solar lighting systems, geothermal heating, cooling systems, and fuel cell technology are in place.

A proven track record for energy efficiency

Our energy-efficient data centers are recognized by The International Organization for Standardization’s Environmental Management System (ISO14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS18001).