Social Contribution

Visions for social contribution

"Go together for the future! Enabling People"

Samsung SDS helps the youth realize their potential and be more creative, supports them to become a responsible person in society. A variety of social activities help them to contribute to local community.


Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People

Samsung SDS creates a sustainable future with Samsung's CSR vision, which reflects Samsung's management philosophy of "Enabling" and the core value of "People & Co-Prosperity."


Together with a variety of interested parties, including social communities, nonprofit organizations, government, and individuals, we make our society sustainable. To help future generations "enable" their potential, we focus especially on the matters related to "education of juveniles."

NGO-Company-employees → Education programs for juveniles, Environment programs, Regional programs NGO-Company-employees → Education programs for juveniles, Environment programs, Regional programs

Youth Education programs

Build a better future with IT

Samsung SDS provides a wide range of IT programs to educate the youth for realizing their potential under the theme of contributing to the society.

Youth Education

Providing SW education and job related service for youth seeking employment, Samsung SW Academy For Youth(SSAFY)

Through two steps - SW aptitude test and interview -, we select applicants unemployed college graduates aged under 30 and provide SW education and job related service with Samsung's own SW training and knowhow. After about 1 year of SW training, with various job seeking activities such as employment consulting, job fairs, we provide help to address youth employment issues.

Education mentoring for middle school students, Samsung Dream Class

We offer equal education opportunity and future mentoring services for middle school students in order to disconnect them from the vicious circle created by income inequality that leads to an educational inequality. For the students to learn around the clock, we are providing online education focusing on three areas (job seeking, future capability, basic learning) and mentoring by college students, experts and SDS employees.

Helping teenagers who have aged end of protection of childcare institutions, Samsung Stepping Stone of Hope

Among Juvenile aged 18 to 25, when the protection of childcare facilities ends, individual residential spaces will be provided to help those who wish to stand on their own feet for up to two years, and basic education necessary for self-reliance will be provided according to 1:1 individual capabilities to support the safe self-reliance of teenagers who take their first steps in society. Furthermore, we provide job training and employment support to young people preparing for self-reliance to help them reach economic independence.

Offering cyber-violence preventive education, Samsung Blue Elephant

To cope with cyber-violence, which is emerging as a serious social problem, Blue Elephant provides preventative education, psychological consultations for the victims, campaigns, international forums, and academic research in order to spread appropriate cyber culture. Blue Elephant supports to children to enhance their pro-social capabilities.

Local community program

Local community program


The NANUM Kiosk is a way for Samsung SDS employees to make donations to help underprivileged children. Each time an employee tags their employee ID to a Kiosk, 1,000 won is automatically transferred from their salary to a donation fund. When the donation fund reaches a targeted amount, it is transferred through an NGO to children from a broken family, and children who are being raised by a single parent or grandparent(s). The donation can be used for their education, medical treatment and living expenses.

Establishment of IT training environment

To support the IT education of alienated juveniles, Samsung SDS establishes environments for IT training by providing various social infrastructure facilities with laptops, ICT equipment, VR experience centers, and media centers. At the IT training facilities, there are approximately 20 training programs available, including 'VR school,' 'Genius coding,' and 'Be a creator.'

Three IT educational centers (from 2019 to date)

Support for SW education and scholarships for Youth Detention Center

In 1993, after donating computers to Anyang Youth Detention Center and conducting OA education volunteer activities with employees, it has continued to contribute to the spread of computer education for nationwide Youth Detention Center students. Currently, we provide SW basic education centered on Anyang / Seoul Youth Detention Center and provide scholarships to students who dream of a career in the SW field.

Hands-on voluntary activities (for domestic/foreign disadvantaged children)

Through the hands-on voluntary activities, Samsung SDS has planned and operated activities involving craftsmanship service kits to support the domestic and foreign alienated classes. Through online voluntary activities, such as creation of tile mural paintings and braille educational wallboards for the visually impaired, many Samsung SDS employees participate in the daily services, sharing their talents with neighbors.

Voluntary service festivals

Through the voluntary service festivals in the first and second half of each year, Samsung SDS employees share their talents and IT capabilities with the local community.
Voluntary services include mentoring, provision of helping hands, street cleaning, and other hands-on voluntary activities, through which the individuals and teams in the organization share their love with neighbors in need.

Volunteer Festival to Celebrate Foundation in April, Samsung NANUM Week in November