Local community program

Join social contribution with donations and volunteer activity

Samsung SDS has donation funds supported by executives/employees, for leading local community contribution with annual volunteer activity.

Volunteer activity

smart Bridge donation

A certain portion of monthly salary is donated for 'smart Bridge', an idea proposed by one employee in 1994, to run volunteer donations. The full money of donations support for youth education and the socially-underprivileged through Community Chest of Korea, a non-profit organization.

'Day of one meal sharing' donation

'Day of one meal sharing' is held for twice per month in our cafeteria. Simple and light menu is served to reduce costs, then its savings are donated to give food for childrenㆍadolescents in need, sprading a culture of sharing.

'Healthcare' donation

The visually-impaired are hired to provide massage service for employees, creating jobs for the disabled, and their costs of using the service are fully donated for social welfare organizations, creating a virtuous cycle of sharing.