Migration of Data Center

Data center service with reliable support to your business growth

Data center service capable of efficient and safe operation.

Samsung SDS is providing stability and business continuity of IT systems to corporate customers from various industries while establishing and operating 18 data centers worldwide.
Based on these capabilities and expertise, we design and construct optimal data centers tailored to customer businesses, and support systematic data center operations management using cutting-edge technology.

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Major Services

100% business continuity ensured by data center service at global scale.

Technologies of Samsung SDS’s Data Centers

  1. World-class data centers
    Samsung SDS has implemented and been operating 5 domestic data centers at tier 3/4 levels based on continuous innovation over the past three decades. We are also continuing to innovate by spreading next-generation data center core technologies and software-defined data center (SDDC) technology throughout the entire data center.

    Suwon Data Center: Asia’s first Uptime Tier Ⅲ DC (2010)
    Sangam Data Center: Data Center Dynamic Award (2016)
    Chuncheon Data Center: Automatic infrastructure control using latest modular type (2019)
    Dongtan Data Center: The first high-performance computing dedicated data center in Korea (2023)
  2. Equal network service level globally
    Samsung SDS boasts operation technology and nearly failure-free line design among data centers. The SLA is equally ensured at 99.999% for all global regions.
    (The SLA of global businesses varies by region - Verizon at 99.9~99.999% and AT&T at 99.9~99.95%)
  3. Core capabilities in PUE
    *(Power Usage Effectiveness) reduction technologies
    With our global level of energy saving technologies, Samsung SDS has achieved continuous improvement in energy efficiency through relentless innovation, resulting in a PUE of 1.58 in Suwon, 1.34 in Sangam and 1.1 in Dongtan. (The average of PUE of global DCs in Europe: 1.7, Google(B2C)’s DC in Finland: 1.09, Singapore: 1.17)

    * PUE : The ratio of total power consumed by the data center including cooling, equipment to the power consumed by solely IT equipment. A PUE value closer to 1 indicates higher energy efficiency.

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