Easily Creates and Manages EPAS in a Web Environment

EPAS(EDB Postgres Advanced Server) is a relational DBMS for enterprises that is highly compatible with Oracle database. Samsung Cloud Platform provides an environment
that automatically creates and configures EPAS database, and to ensure the proper management of a single instance or critical data, features such as high availability configuration, read/replication, backup/restoration, patch, parameter management, auditing, and monitoring were added, thereby automating database lifecycle




Service Architecture

user → Request for creation → RDB Provisioning → System configuration → VPC RDB Provisioning
  1. Create VM
  2. Assign Storage & N/W
  3. Install EPAS
  • WEB/WAS - Active-Standby Failover- VM1(EPAS/Linux)-Storage
  • WEB/WAS - Active-Standby Failover- VM2(EPAS/Linux)-Storage
  • VM1's Storage ↔ Sync Replication ↔ VM2's Storage

Key Features

  • Rapid and safe DB creation

    - Auto provisioning : Automatically install standard version Samsung Cloud Platform database using VM with various spec
    - HA architecture : Active-standby configuration based on SW-level synchronous replication
    - Multi-AZ configuration : HA configuration for EPAS(DBaaS) across two availability zones

  • Simple and convenient DB management

    - Backup : Use either the backup function available by DBMS or backup S/W. Both are saved in Object Storage (data & archive)
    ※ Backup S/W will be available in the second half of 2023
    - Recovery : Able to recover to a specific point in time or present time based on backup files stored in Object Storage (data & archive)
    - Patch : Provide patch function for DB minor version
    - User parameter setting : Set parameters regarding better DB performance and security
    - Read Replica : Configure read-only servers for purposes of load balancing for reading or disaster recovery(DR), in the same or different region
    ※ When deploying to another region for DR, VPC Peering connection is required.


    • Billing
    • Provided in VM package, composed of VM & BM costs
       · Without contract : Hourly charge based on metering information of server(DB) status being ‘on’
       · Contracted : Fixed monthly charge according to contract terms
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