Redis (DBaaS)

A Key-value In-Memory Data Store with Fast Data Processing Capabilities

Redis is a NoSQL DBMS for processing and analyzing big data and a key-value data store system that runs in in-memory. Owing to its low data processing time, it can build a data-intensive application or enhance the performance of the existing application. Samsung Cloud Platform provides an environment that automatically creates and configures Redis database, and to ensure the proper management of a single instance or critical data, features such as high availability capability, read/replication, backup/restoration, patch, parameter management, auditing, and monitoring were added, thereby automating DB lifecycle management.




Service Architecture

user → Request for creation → RDB Provisioning → System configuration → VPC RDB Provisioning
  1. Create VM
  2. Assign Storage & N/W
  3. Install Redis
  • Client(Driver for Sentinel) → Check M/R → Sentinel
  • Client(Driver for Sentinel) → R/W from Master → Redis(Master)
  • Client(Driver for Sentinel) → R from Replica → Redis(Replica)
  • Client(Driver for Sentinel) → R from Replica → Redis(Replica)
  • [Sentinal / Redis(Master)] → Replication → [Sentinal / Redis(Master)]
  • [Sentinal / Redis(Master)] → Replication → [Sentinal / Redis(Master)]
※Configure one Replica with minimum specification VM

Key Features

  • Rapid and safe DB creation

    - Auto provisioning : Automatically install standard version Samsung Cloud Platform database using VM with various spec
    - HA architecture : Active-standby configuration based on SW-level synchronous replication

  • Simple and convenient DB management

    - Backup : Store in Object Storage using Redis backup
    - Recovery : Able to recover to a specific point in time or present time based on backup files (data) stored in Object Storage
    - User parameter setting : Set parameters regarding better DB performance and security
    - Change default user password
    - Rename command : Change the default command to a user-defined one


    • Billing
    • Provided in VM package, composed of VM & BM costs
       · Without contract : Hourly charge based on metering information of server(DB) status being ‘on’
       · Contracted : Fixed monthly charge according to contract terms
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