Vertica (DBaaS)

Data Warehouse-based High Availability Enterprise Database for Analysis/Processing of Large Datasets

Vertica is a data analysis platform that uses a single engine to perform standard as well as AI analysis of data from various sources without moving the data. To ensure the proper management of a single instance or critical data features such as high availability capability, read/replication, backup/restoration, patch, parameter management, auditing, and monitoring were added to Samsung Cloud Platform, thereby automating DB lifecycle management.




Service Architecture

user → Request for creation → RDB Provisioning → System configuration → VPC RDB Provisioning
  1. Create VM
  2. Assign Storage & N/W
  3. Install Vertica
VPC Vertica in Enterprise Mode
  • VM1[DB/Linux] ↔ Block Storage
  • VM2[DB/Linux] ↔ Block Storage
  • VM3[DB/Linux] ↔ Block Storage

Key Features

  • Rapid and safe DB creation

    - Auto provisioning : Auto-install standard DB based on VM of various spec
    - Cluster configuration : Provide high availability masterless architecture

  • High-performance data processing technology

    - Additional option or steps for column processing becomes unnecessary with the column-based storage technology
    - Optimized for loading and reading large data with its fast loading technology
    - Data compression and encoding are done from the data storage stage
    - DDL/DML(Data Definition Language/Data Manipulation Language) processing is done during the data compression stage

  • DB creation and management

    - Auto-provisioning, lifecycle management
    - Choose VM based on the required spec
    - Provide additional storage for connection other than the OS disk
    - Provide subnet/IP, NAT IP, Security Group connection setting
    - Provide monitoring


    • Billing
    • Charged for VM usage
    • Default option & user-added option
    • Default option : OS S/W, OS installation disk (100GB), 1 public IP
    • Additional charges based on user-added product/option (e.g. reserved IP)

※ Vertica(DBaaS) service provides Vertica, a big data analysis platform for enterprises. Vertica’s software licenses use Bring Your Own License(BYOL), and software licenses in the cloud must comply with the provider's policies.

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