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Leveraging its accumulated IT expertise, Samsung SDS has been driving continuous digital innovation in logistics.
Explore Samsung SDS’s journey to digital innovation in logistics driven by cutting-edge technology.

Samsung SDS delivers integrated operational logistics services across all areas through a single platform

As corporate supply chain management grows more intricate and logistics service competition becomes fiercer,
the demand for logistics innovation is on the rise.
Samsung SDS offers cutting-edge logistics services based on the single platform 'Cello' that integrates global logistics operations.

Virtuous Cycle
  1. Integrated Logistics Operations
  2. Customer Needs & Market Trends
  3. Logistics Innovation & R&D
  4. Feature Improvement & Latest Technology Adoption
  5. Cello Square
  6. Enhanced Operating Environment
Single Platform
  • International Transport
  • Customs Clearance
  • Inland Transport
  • Warehousing
  • LMD (Last mile delivery)
  • Reverse Logistics

Enhanced our competitive edge through an
IT-based automated logistics operation system

The traditional manual-based logistics operations had several limitations in terms of manpower, time, and cost.
Samsung SDS's automated logistics solution transcends these constraints, resulting in operations that are more efficient, cost-effective, and precise.

Samsung SDS is leading logistics innovation with its digital forwarding service, Cello Square.

Our customers can directly access fast and accurate logistics information through Cello Square. Samsung utilizes field-verified automation technology to manage logistics operations more efficiently, while flexibly expanding services through collaborations with LSP(Logistics Service Provider)s and partners.

Cello Square
  • Automation
  • Self-service
  • Openness

You can easily access logistics information with a single click through our self-service feature.

Through our complementary digital solutions, customers can access information in real-time, faster and more accurately.
This allows customers to make better decisions and plans.

Discover the evolution of logistics automation with Cello Square, built on cutting-edge technology

With the adoption of automation technology, the logistics industry is undergoing significant evolution.
Cello Square is at the forefront, leveraging advanced technologies for market-informed freight rate forecasting and ETA predictions.

We provide exceptional logistics services by collaborating with partners worldwide

Cello Square pursues continuous and stable expansion by maximizing the flexibility of services through solid collaboration with logistics service providers, solution providers, and platform companies located all over the world.

Cello Square
  • ERP
  • Purchase
  • Warehouse/Fulfillment
  • Approval
  • Customs/Clearance
  • Visibility
  • ESG
  • E-commerce Marketplace
  • Order Management

Artificial intelligence revolutionizes the evolution of logistics

Samsung SDS is transcending the boundaries of the logistics industry by utilizing generative AI, automated systems, and AI algorithms.
Various complex problems in the field of logistics are resolved through Cello Square's hyper-automation technology, combined with the expertise of professionals who understand the business best.

Experience the future of logistics with Samsung SDS.

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