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We innovate your business with IT-driven digital logistics services

Leveraging our extensive technology capabilities, Samsung SDS carries out a diagnosis of your logistics operation, suggests ways to innovate the process, and automates time-consuming manual tasks. Meet our tech-driven logistics services with proven use cases.

Service Category

Cello Digital Services by logistics business area

  • Freight Forwarding

    • IoT-based shipment monitoring
    • Shipment monitoring on mobile
    • AI chatbot service
    • Container yard management
    • AI-based ETA prediction
  • Warehousing

    • 3D volume calculator
    • 3D distribution center design
    • AI-based loading optimization
    • Cold chain warehouse
    • Network optimization
    • DC analysis using digital twin
    • Vision picking
    • Equipment monitoring
    • Cargo volume forecast
    • DC automation equipment
    • DC productivity analysis
  • Distribution

    • Brity RPA for automation
    • Automated data collection
    • Route optimization
    • Contactless delivery
    • AI local transport monitoring
  • e-Commerce

    • Real-time delivery management
    • Digital forwarding
    • AI trucking risk analysis
    • Box recommendation
    • Blockchain traceability
    • Blockchain payment guarantee

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