IT-based Logistics Services

Innovate your business with differentiated, IT-driven logistics services

Leveraging our extensive IT capabilities, Samsung SDS delivers various IT-driven services across the entire logistics fields including diagnosing your logistics services, proposing ways to innovate process, and automating inefficient manual tasks. Meet our IT-driven logistics services with proven use cases.

Services By Logistics Business Area

IT Value-added Services by Logistics Offering

  • International Transport

    • IoT-based Health Management
    • Mobile International Freight Monitoring
    • Container Yard Management
    • ETA Prediction
  • Warehousing

    • 3D Warehouse Design
    • Loading Optimization
    • Cold Chain Warehouse Management
    • Logistics Network Optimization
    • Virtual Warehouse Analysis
    • Vision Picking
    • Equipment Monitoring
    • Warehouse Volume Forecast
    • Warehouse Automation Equipment Recommendation
    • Warehouse Worker Productivity Analysis
  • Distribution

    • RPA for Automation
    • Automated Data Collection/Validation
    • Route Optimization
    • AI-driven Transport Control
  • E-Commerce Logistics

    • Real-time Mobile Delivery Management
    • Box Recommendation
    • Blockchain Distribution History Management

International Transport



E-Commerce Logistics

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