Nexmed EHR

Hospital information system that elevates your standard of care

Empower physicians and staff, improve daily operations

Since the introduction of the hospital information system for the first time in Korea, Samsung SDS has been leading the industry as No. 1 medical ICT provider.
Nexmed EHR is a solution completed based on new technologies by collecting all the know-how of system implementation and operation for the last 25 year, which supports both on-premise and cloud.

Major Services

  • Outpatient acceptance 1.5x Increasement
  • Speeds up patient information retrieval 8x improvement (8-step to 1-step)
  • Streamlines prescription process 3x improvement (9-step to 3-step)




  • Support module composition and various configurations

    It is possible to have selective modules to apply depending on the size and characteristics of the hospital. It flexibly respond to changes of laws and regulations by coding certain parts of the hospital in order to control screens and processes.

  • Strengthen medical data analytics

    It is easy to secure medical AI/big data and clinical research data through the data model with standardization and systematization applied. This eventually results in efficient implementation of big data analytics.

  • Powerful security system

    The security system as well as on-premise EHR for cloud-type EHR and regarding network has been applied by collecting security technologies of SWBC (Samsung white box cryptography)

  • Easy service expansion thanks to flexible architecture

    Flexible service link will be supported through standard link APIs, which will be compatible with Korean-made DBMS for general purpose.


Treatment · Nursing Care
outpatient treatment, inpatient treatmen, emergency room, nursing care for outpatient, nursing care in wards, treatment records, surgery/anesthesia, infection management, injection room, medical records, nursing administration, central provision, patient in ICU, delivery room, nursery room, recovery room, dialysis room, home care
Medical Support
radiology, medical check, laboratory medicine, radiotherapy, pathology, pharmacy, nutrition, nuclear medicine (internal), rehabilitation treatment, comprehensive check-up reservation, collaboration cente, central provision
Billing · Insurance
patient management, medical fee management, insurance, social projects
accounting/Budget, purchase inventory/asset/medical engineering, general administration, HR/salary
common management, authorization management


  • "By introducing Samsung SDS' EHR, we were able to secure not only work efficiency but the foundation as one of the major university hospitals with cutting-edge medical system, specialized treatment and research infrastructure in remote areas."

    Director Youngsik Choi, Kosin University Gospel Hospital

  • "Structured EMR based on the standard terms has improved quality of the patient information, which enables our medical staff to continue their clinical research based on data."

    Gangbuk Samsung Hospital



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