Project Logistics

Optimal transport mode for special cargo
ensures a safe and quick transport to final destination

Based on extensive experience and expertise in handling various project logistics involving irregular and non-periodic special cargo, we select an optimal transport method considering the unique characteristics. Leveraging our logistics platform, Cello, specialized in project cargo, we meticulously manage the entire transport processes to ensure on-time delivery.

Key Features

  1. Micro Management by Project for On-Time Delivery
    Our system specialized in project logistics enables you to manage progress end-to-end, down to the package level. When issues occur, our control tower comprised of experts promptly responds to minimize disruptions.
  2. Extensive Experience in Project Logistics
    We provide competitive services based on our experience and knowledge in transporting special cargo in a wide range of industries, such as factory infrastructure, construction materials, heavy equipment, hazardous materials, bulk cargo, and medical supplies.
  3. Integrated Transport Management using Dashboard
    Our customized dashboard provides real-time visibility into your shipment and integrated transport monitoring. You can also manage transport easily through customized reports for each supply chain area, such as purchase and logistics.
  4. Collaborative System Based on Global Network
    Our global consultants build the most effective strategies to transport your project cargo based on various references and provide services fit for local conditions through partnership with global logistics hubs and partners.

Key Services

Equipment Transport

We build optimal transport strategies to reduce costs and minimize potential disruptions by utilizing special equipment considering cargo characteristics such as vibration sensitivity, temperature, humidity and lights.

EPC Transport
(Engineering · Procurement · Construction)

With our expertise in heavy and oversized cargo transport, we ship them safely by securing airplanes and vessels that best fit the cargo type. Our integrated dashboard helps us ensure on-time transport through meticulous status management.

Raw Materials(Bulk) Transport

Using special equipment and infrastructure suited for each cargo type, we transport your bulk goods responsibly. Various routes across our global network enable to secure vessels in a timely manner, ensuring safe transport.

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