A. Samsung SDS.COM

Samsung SDS Co., Ltd. (“Company”) may share personal information with third parties overseas and process the information in servers located outside your country of residence.

1. Information transferred

- Required information: Name, email address, contact number
name, email address, contact number
- Optional information: Company name, user’s department name, user’s position at user’s company, country name, company address, user’s sales area
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* The required and optional information above includes not only the original information collected from users but also changes made to it.

2. Countries to which personal information is transferred, when and how to transfer the information

- Country to which personal information is transferred: Australia
- When and how to transfer the information: The information is transferred over the network when the user uses internet-based services provided on the Company’s website.

3. Name of the outside service provider receiving personal information

- Company: Oracle Corporation Data Center (Australia)
- Contact
      Chief Privacy Officer, Oracle Corporation
      10 Van de Graaff Drive
      Burlington, MA 01803

4. The service provider’s purpose of using personal information

The Company transfers personal information to the outside service provider so that it can conduct the tasks required to provide the following services, and oversees them to ensure that the service provider complies with the relevant privacy laws:

- To respond to and manage inquiries concerning the company, services/products, investment, career opportunities, website management.
- To provide events and other services, and to carry out email marketing activities
- To provide feedback on and manage inquiries concerning partner programs
- To respond to event-related inquiries, confirm users’ identity for their participation in events, and prepare, conduct, review, and manage events based on customer requirements.

5. The outside service provider’s retention period of personal information

The Company shall retain the user’s personal information for a year after the user agrees to its collection and use. The Company shall immediately destroy the information when the retention period expires. However, if the retention of any personal information is required under applicable laws and regulations, the Company shall retain the information for a period in accordance with these laws and regulations.

※ For further information regarding the international transfer of personal information, please refer to the Privacy Policy on the Samsung SDS website. (www.samsungsds.com)

B. Brightics IoT

Samsung SDS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") provides personal information to third parties outside of Korea and may process personal information of users from servers located outside the country where the user resides.

1. Personal information items to be transferred

- Required information: ID, password, customer name, contact information
- Selection information: department name, rank, company name
※ The above essential information and optional information includes not only originally collected information but also information that has been changed by information modification.
※ We use cookie information for user convenience.

2. Country in which personal information is transferred, date and time of transfer

Samsung Brightics IoT can process your personal information from servers located outside your country of residence.

(1) Previous Country: Samsung Brightics IoT Service Overseas Locations Country
※ Samsung Brightics IoT overseas location
- Europe : London, IDC
- Americas : IDC, New Jersey, USA
- China : Beijing, China IDC
- Asia Pacific : Singapore IDC

(2) Previous date and time: Samsung Brightics IoT account when creating / changing personal information
(3) Previous method: Network transmission

3. Name of person to whom personal information is transferred

Samsung Brightics IoT Service Overseas Locations IDC

4. Purpose of Personal Information Transfer by Person Transferring Personal Information

- To handle the matters related to the usage contract including inquiries about Samsung Brightics IoT users and their employees ("Samsung Brightics IoT users") subscribing, changing and canceling services, A / S and service related inquiries
- Personal information for Samsung Brightics IoT users at home and abroad (attend meetings)
- Samsung Brightics IoT users at home and abroad use their services to identify themselves, identify individuals, prevent unauthorized use of bad members, prevent unauthorized use,
- Handling complaints about Samsung Brightics IoT users' dispute settlement at home and abroad
- Identification of access frequency of Samsung Brightics IoT users at home and abroad, statistics on member's service use, application for free trial and limited number of experience
- Inquiries and requests regarding Samsung Brightics IoT users' products and services at home and abroad

5. Period of holding and using personal information of person who transfer personal information

Samsung Brightics IoT service will be kept for one year after service termination according to operating standards of company internal policy or any applicable laws. However, if it is necessary to keep the service for a period of one year or more after the termination of use of the service under the relevant laws and regulations, it shall be kept for the period of storage in accordance with the related laws and regulations.

6. Right to refuse consent and disadvantage due to denial of consent

You have the right to refuse to collect information.
However, if you decline your consent, your use of the service may be restricted.

For more information on the collection and use of this personal information, please refer to the Privacy Policy posted on Samsung Brightics IoT (https://brighticsiot.samsungsds.com).

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