Domestic/Global Network

Line services for data communications between domestic-overseas establishments as well as equipment design/implement and management services for optimized communications environments

Line and additional services for domestic/global data communications

The dedicated line services using Samsung SDS’ transmission networks ensure reliable Internet access exclusive for enterprises. Also for overseas communications hubs and establishments, optimized line services are provided, taking into account the communications environment of each region.

Major Services

Fast response speed secured by network technologies and shortest path routing

  • 1.7 times faster
    Than other global businesses




  • 24/7 seamless service and dedicated teams for each customer

    Samsung SDS taps into multiple communications businesses and quadruple path circuits to secure stability. The seamless communications service also includes 24/7/365 monitoring and task-based analysis from network specialists to support dedicated technologies for each customer.

  • Optimized global network service by region

    Tailored measures have been taken to address different issues of each region. Southeast Asia suffers from frequent failure caused by natural disasters (e.g. typhoons and earthquakes) and therefore a backup system with path duplication has been implemented. For Europe and the Middle East with concern of low performance due to the physical distance, the shortest path routing between Korea and Europe ensures 1.7 times faster performance than other global businesses. Also for the Latin American region that often experiences isolation because of the lack of infrastructure, new optic cables have been identified for optimized services.




Use Cases

Global data communications service

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