GPU Server

GPU Virtual Servers Optimized for Cloud Computing

GPU Server allows users to assign only the amount of necessary virtual computing resources at the time when needed, without having to purchase CPU, GPU, memory or other infrastructure resources from servers. The virtual computing service provides resources with optimized performance for the purpose from development to testing and running application programs in the cloud environment.




Service Architecture

    General Computing
  • Application
  • Operating System
    Virtual Computing(GPU Server)
  • Applications
  • Guest OS
  • Virtualization (Hypervisor)
    • GPU / NVSwitch / NVLink
    • CPU, Memory, Network I/F, Storage

General Computing → Virtual Computing

Key Features

  • VM creation/management

    - Select GPU for work type and required spec (NVIDIA A100 or V100 GPU)
    - Offer various OS types and standard images for creating resources conveniently (e.g. Windows, RHEL and Ubuntu)
    - Securely connect to the OS using key pairs
    - Manage tag creation/revision

  • Storage and network connection

    - Provide additional storage besides OS disk
    - Set up subnet/IP and enable the use/turn off NAT IP setting
    - Provide Security Group integration setting

    • Billing
    • Without contract : Hourly billing for the actual usage according to the on/off status of VM
    • With contract : Discount applied according to 1/3 year contract terms. Fixed monthly charges for the amount of requested resources
      * Penalty is charged for early termination within the contract period
    • Basic offering and add-on options
    • Basic offering : OS S/W, 100GB for OS installation disk, and 1 IP
    • Additional charges for add-on offering/options, including reserved IP
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