Nexprime HCM Payroll

SaaS Payroll solution developed by HCM* experts and verified by Samsung
* HCM : Human Capital Management

Create value together with your employees by Samsung-verified Payroll solution.

Currently, many companies are facing difficult challenges such as realizing digital transformation, responding to fair compensation demands,
and improving business performance in a non-face-to-face environment. However, companies are finding it difficult to adopt HCM solutions.

Nexprime HCM Payroll can be easily and quickly linked with global HCM(Workday, SuccessFactors, etc.) and provides a SaaS service that supports payroll work with powerful functions. The Samsung SDS HCM expert group, who has developed and operated HCM for 30 years, supports customers in introducing innovative
HCM solutions and creating business results with the best solutions from consulting to service operation.

Key Features

  • Flexible linkage

    Seamless interface with global HCM solutions
    (Workday, SuccessFactors, etc.) through Payroll connector and API

  • Support work

    · Integrated mgmt. of pay calc. formulas
    · Automated Pro-rata/Retroactive calc.
    · Powerful validation based on scenarios
    · Pay approval mgmt.
    · Retirement pay/pension mgmt.
    · Year-end tax declaration support
    · Employee self-service

  • SaaS service

    · Subscription model cutting down total cost of ownership
    · Proactive update of changes in tax code and social insurance
    · Latest SDS CX standard
    · CC*-certified standard encryption technology.

    *Common criteria

Key Functions

Data Interface
  • HR basics, appointments
  • Compensation plan (standard pay amount)
  • Allowance, deduction
  • T&A
Payroll Core
  • Payroll basics
  • Pay calc. rule mgmt
  • Wage calculation
  • Result validation, reporting
  • Payroll Approval
  • Pay slip
  • Pay transfer file generation
  • Severance pay, retirement pension
Tax & Social Insurance
  • Tax, social insurance calculation, declaration docs generation
  • Year-end tax reporting
  • - Training provided for year-end tax adjustment
  • - Paperless tax reporting
Employee Self-service
  • View pay stub
  • Print out income statement
  • Register, change bank account
  • - Year-end tax adjustment
  • - Upload documents
  • - Run simulation
  • - View result


  • workday, Global HCM Systems (Personal/compensation data)
  • T&A System (T&A Result)
  • General Affairs Systems (Deduction, reimbursement)
  • Welfare Systems (Deduction, reimbursement)
Nexprime HCM Payroll
  • Payroll Core
  • Tax & Social Insurance
  • Employee Self-service
  • Year-end Tax Adjustment
  • Pay Slip Data
  • Pay Transfer Data
  • Tax Data
  • Social Insurance Data


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