Edge Server (CPU)

Edge Computing Environment Offered in Enterprises’ On-Site Locations

Edge Server is a HaaS(Hardware-as-a-Service) where an edge cloud is deployed in on-site locations of enterprises that face security, regulation, performance and latency issues. With the Edge Server, critical systems can be migrated to the cloud. And it is easy to set up a hybrid cloud using Samsung Cloud Platform.




Service Architecture

On-Site -[ 인터넷(IPsec Tunnel) - VPN - Firewall - Direct Connect - 전용회선]- Samsung Cloud Platform
  • Edge Server #1
    • APP A: VM #1
    • APP B: VM #2
    • APP C: VM #N
    • Edge Client
  • Edge Server #2 : EC
  • Edge Server #3 : EC
Users- Edge Server #1/Edge Client, Edge Server #2 /EC, Edge Server #3 / EC
Samsung Cloud Platform
  • VPN - Firewall - Direct Connect
  • VPC: Edge Manager
  • SCP Services: Storage, AI, Analytics

Key Features

  • Hybrid cloud setup
    1. Easy to set up a hybrid cloud between on-site and Samsung Cloud Platform(SCP)
    2. Configuring network between Edge Server and SCP via VPN or a dedicated line
    3. Enabling effective and simple data transfer between Edge Server and SCP
    4. Allowing management of on-site devices on the cloud using SCP tools
  • Compatible with various edge platforms
    1. Providing various virtualization platforms suitable for user’s environment(KVM, Container, etc.)
    2. Offering server specification options(standard/large-capacity/GPU type)
  • Various use cases
    1. R&D, retail, IoT/video data collection & analysis(AI/ML), etc.


    • Billing
    Please inquire about the price via [Service Portal > Customer Support > Inquire]